• September 2013, Dominic will attend the 8th NIZO Conference in Papendal, the Netherlands.
    The 8th NIZO conference is organized by Elsevier and focused on Functional Enzymes for Dairy Applications. Dominic will give an oral presentation for his work “Peptide Production from
  • Milk Proteins by Enzyme Immobilized on Polyester”.
  • September 2013, Huazhen attended 13th Oxford School on Neutron Scattering.
    Oxford School on Neutron Scattering covers the theory and practice of neutron diffraction and spectroscopy with Lectures and tutorials given by international experts.
  • June-July 2013, Jason visited Helmut Schmidt University in Hamburg, Germany.
    Jason’s visit was funded by 2013-2014 Group of Eight Australia – Germany Joint Research Co-operation Scheme. His visit was part of the research project “Advanced biocatalysis for biomolecule    production at high pressure”.
  • December 2012, Jason was awarded New Horizons Joint PhD Scholarship.
    New Horizons Joint PhD Scholarship Program is provided by Monash University and CSIRO to support PhD students working at New Horizons Center (NHC). Jason will carry out exciting research on “Engineering    advanced biocatalysts by combining directed evolution of enzyme and nanoparticle immobilization”
  • May 2012, Dominic was awarded AINSE Postgraduate Research Awards.Supported by the PRA, Dominic will carry out research project “Interfacial properties of stimuli-responsive peptide biosurfactants and their interaction with chemical surfactants for advanced foaming control”.
  • July 2012, Dominic, Jason and Jingxiong attended Australian Protein Production Symposium in Brisbane.
    The biannual Australian Protein Production Symposium gathers world experts in the field of recombinant protein production. Dominic and Jason were partially supported by EMBL Australia    Student Sponsorship to attend the Symposium.