Solid-Liquid Separation (SLS)

Associate Professor Andrew Hoadley graduated from the University of Melbourne Chemical Engineering Department in 1981. He worked as a Process Engineer for four years with Davy McKee (now Kvaerner), where he obtained design and plant experience in the petrochemical industry. He completed his PhD at the Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Cambridge in 1988 and then took up a post-doctoral position in the Materials Department at the EPFL. On returning to Australia in 1991, he joined the casting group at the Comalco Research Centre and later transferred to the aluminium reduction group, where he led several industrial projects. In February 1999, he joined the Monash University Chemical Engineering Department. He is the Director of the post-graduate course, Master of Engineering Science in Advanced Process Design.

Current Research Interests

Andrew Hoadley has an active research group investigating novel solid-liquid separation processes and drying processes, the influence of the solid microstructure on these processes and the effect of the processing condition on the product properties. He is particularly interested in compression dewatering, filtration and super-heated steam drying. He also has active research into various aspects of process design and integration, particularly in the areas of energy and water-use efficiency.