Micromeritics 3Flex

Nitrogen, argon and krypton porosimetry/surface characterisation for measurement of micropores and BET surface area with P/P0 resolution of 10-9. Three samples can be run simultaneously.

  • Micro/meso/macro pore size 0.1 nm (1 Å) to 3 μm
  • Nitrogen (N2) adsorption at 77 K from relative pressure (P/P0): 10-9 to 0.995
  • Argon (Ar) adsorption at 77 K from relative pressure (P/P0): 10-7 to 0.995
  • Krypton (Kr) adsorption at 77 K for measurement of low surface area materials (0.001 m2/g)
  • BET surface area with corrections based on Rouquerol plot
  • Langmuir surface area
  • DFT pore size distribution
  • Micromeritics SmartVacPrep available for degassing with independently controllable ports (up to 400 °C)