Southeast University-Monash University – postgraduate studies in China (Transportation Systems)

Looking for a Monash postgraduate qualification in Transportation Systems, and keen to base yourself a little closer to home? Thanks to an innovative Southeast University-Monash University joint venture, you can undertake a Master of Transportation Systems by coursework or a PhD in Transportation Systems - based on campus in China.

An innovative joint venture

In 2012 the China Ministry of Education authorised Monash University to be the first foreign university to receive a license to operate in China to offer postgraduate degrees at master’s and post doctorate (PhD) level. As a result, Monash has teamed up with China’s Southeast University (SEU) to offer two postgraduate programs at the SEU-Monash campus in Suzhou:

Why transportation systems?

In China, as is the case elsewhere in the world, issues such as traffic congestion, safety, urban liveability, environmental impacts and the effectiveness of transport operations are everyday concerns. With transport and traffic systems under pressure to deliver better economic, social and environmental outcomes for the community there is a growing demand for professionals who are prepared to address these challenges.

Our transportation academics in both SEU and Monash have trained successive generations of transportation engineers, researchers and leaders. Our graduates work in government agencies, consulting companies, construction companies and top universities world-wide. Indeed, Monash University continues to be one of the world’s top 100 universities for graduate employment, according to a major annual survey published by Times Higher Education.*

* Times Higher Education Global University Employability Ranking 2016

Best of both worlds

Both the Joint Master Program and the Joint PhD Program are based at the SEU-Monash campus in Suzhou, giving students the opportunity to gain their Monash qualification in Transportation Systems, while primarily based in China (note that a portion of these courses can be undertaken at the Monash Clayton  campus in Australia – see below for more information). For students wanting to gain a Monash qualification, it offers an alternative that may be more geographically convenient than undertaking a course based entirely in Australia.

About Southeast University and the Joint Graduate School

SEU is one of China’s key national universities administered directly under the Ministry of Education of China. The university is located in the ancient capital city of Nanjing, and has several campuses. Find out more

The Joint Graduate School in Suzhou is located in the newly developed Suzhou Dushu Lake Higher Education Town, which is part of the Science and Education Innovation District of Suzhou. This area has a number of universities and research institutes, as well as recreation and cultural facilities.

An Australian study experience

For those students still wanting to enjoy an ‘Australian experience’ during their studies - both programs also offer a partial period of study in Australia as part of the course (generally six months for masters students, and one year for PhD students).