What is civil engineering?

Civil engineers are responsible for the basic needs and facilities (or infrastructure) of modern society. They improve systems and processes that allow humans and nature to coexist with minimal impact. Modern society could not function without them. We need civil engineers to design and build higher-capacity transportation systems. We need them to construct larger commercial and industrial complexes. We need them for water supply and pollution control. We need efficient, cost-effective and innovative repair or replacement of civil infrastructure such as roads, bridges and buildings.

Civil Engineering at Monash

Civil engineering encompasses five major fields of activity: structural, water, transport, geotechnical engineering and resources engineering.

When you study Engineering at Monash, you’ll study alongside some of the country’s best engineering minds. We help you prepare for your chosen civil engineering career early, with a focus of the fundamentals and a taste of industry experience through specialisation opportunities in the areas below.

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