Greenhouse for water technologies

A state of the art greenhouse facility on the first level houses a range of laboratory-based plant studies; studies that are looking at the development and validation of various green technologies (including WSUD elements) for stormwater and greywater treatment. The greenhouse has capabilities to support testing of these systems under different operational conditions. The technical and research team has extensive experience in the development of appropriate experimental rigs as well as in water quality sampling and monitoring. Current projects include:

  1. Column studies investigating the treatment performance of a range of plant species in stormwater bioretention systems operating under simulated Chinese conditions. This project aims to develop design recommendations for adopting bioretention systems in China.
  2. Assessing the potential for the application of food crops in stormwater bioretention systems as a means to promote urban farming in urban centres and help boost the local economy in developing countries such as Indonesia. This project is looking at the accumulation of heavy metals and pathogens in various food crops and the filter media.
  3. Optimising stormwater bioretention systems for stormwater harvesting. This project is investigating a range of plant species for their anti-microbial properties as an avenue to optimise the pathogen removal ability of these systems.

Contact: Emily Payne and Harsha Fowdar