Laser based instrumented car

The Visualisation Laboratory is equipped with a laser based instrumented car that collects driver behaviour information used to calibrate models that underpin the driving simulator.


This instrumented vehicle is also developed and used for conducting research in connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs), as well as their role and impact in future transportation systems.

It is equipped with the Velodyne LiDAR that can scan and produce 3D points cloud of the environment in real time.

Velodyne LiDAR 1     Velodyne LiDAR 2

A front-facing LiDAR and stereo camera to support the development of object recognition and avoidance in AV applications.

And a power-efficient embedded AI computing device from Nvidia to handle the essential computing tasks in AV driving.

Power-efficient embedded AI computing device

The car together with these equipment will help Monash to research and develop new algorithms, solve open problems in CAV and address challenges it poses for future transportation network including the human acceptance of such a technology.