Research opportunities

Following is a sample of the research projects currently available within the Department of Civil Engineering. Interested applicants should also refer to information on admission requirements and scholarship eligibility on the university website at

For general information on the projects shown below, please contact the relevant staff member.

Listed on Project title/outline For more information
15 Jan 2019PhD scholarships in Transport Pavements (PDF, 0.26 MB)Prof Jayantha Kodikara
13 Dec 2018PhD opportunity in crowdsourced pavement condition assessment (PDF, 0.04 MB)Dr Yihai Fang
13 Aug 2018Plant-fungi relationships in water sensitive urban design (PDF, 0.09 MB)Dr Brandon Winfrey
11 Aug 2018Techno-ecological solutions for improving water sensitive urban design management (PDF, 0.09 MB)Dr Brandon Winfrey
22 May 2018Design and performance monitoring of engineered earthen covers on slopes (PDF, 0.03 MB)Prof Malek Bouazza
05 Mar 2018How well do our sediment quality guidelines reflect natural conditions (PDF, 0.12 MB)Dr Anna Lintern