Research opportunities

Following is a sample of the research projects currently available within the Department of Civil Engineering. Interested applicants should also refer to information on admission requirements and scholarship eligibility on the university website at

For general information on the projects shown below, please contact the relevant staff member.

Closing date Project title/outline For more information
9 October 20 PhD scholarship: Deterioration mechanisms and factors in unsealed roads (PDF, 0.47 MB) Prof. Jayantha Kodikara
9 October 20 PhD scholarship: Characterising road roughness using accelerometer- and profilometric-based methods (PDF, 0.52 MB)Dr Yihai Fang
On-going project PhD scholarship: Maintenance of vegetation health and system performance in water
sensitive urban design (PDF, 0.13 MB)
Dr Brandon Winfrey
On-going project PhD scholarship: Robotics in off site prefabrication of buildings (PDF, 0.31 MB)Dr Mehrdad Arashpour