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Professor Ranjith Pathegama Gamage

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Australia is transferring to a new energy economy. Utilisation of the deep Earth for sustainable resource production and waste containment offers exciting opportunities that will be integral to this transition. In tomorrow’s Australia, a thorough understanding of the feasibility of using deep earth resources as part of the solution, together with their expected engineering behaviour and environmental impact, will be paramount to technology adoption by society. In this innovative research activity, we are making important contributions to coal seam gas, shale gas and geothermal energy, through collaborative fundamental and applied research on feasibility assessment and innovative solutions to the technical problems that currently impede progress in the development of alternative deep Earth resources.


Large-scale and sustainable use of the deep Earth to better society and protect the environment.


To pioneer innovative and impactful technical solutions for energy production and waste containment initiatives that utilise the deep Earth.

Research highlights

  • Host Australia-China Collaborative Workshop on Alternative Deep-Earth Energy Technologies in 2013.
  • Monash Energy Institute

Awards and Honours

  • Paper by Liu,Y. (PhD student), Gates, W.P., Bouazza, A. & Rowe, R.K. Fluid loss as a quick method to evaluate hydraulic conductivity of geosynthetic clay liners under acidic conditions Canadian Geotechnical Journal, 2014, 51(2): 158163 was awarded Canadian Geotechnical Society 2015 R.M. Quigley Award honourable mention
  • Prof Ranjith Pathegama Gamage was awarded Vice-Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Postgraduate Supervision in 2014
  • Dr Wasantha Liyanage received Humboldt research award in 2014
  • Dr Wasantha Liyanage received Vice Chancellors Best PhD Thesis Award (Mollie Holman Doctoral Medal) in 2014, Thesis Title: On the Coupled Hydro-mechanical Behaviour of Jointed Rock Masses: An Application to Mine Slope Stability (supervised by Prof. P.G. Ranjith);


Selected projects

  • Durucan, S., Ranjith, P.G., 2013, Technology Options for Coupled Underground Coal Gasification and CO2 Capture and Storage, (the project was led by Imperial College, 15 Organisation were included), EUROPEAN COMMISSION, 7th Framework Programme for Research, technological Development and Demonstration, AU$2,955k.
  • Bouazza, M., Ranjith, P.G., Haberfield, C., Laloui, L., 2012-2014, Turning pile foundations into sources of renewable energy: addressing remaining geotechnical challenges, ARC Linkage, AU$380k
  • Ranjith, P.G., Airey, D., Choi, S.K., Viete, D.R., Haque, A., 2012-2014, Geological sequestration of carbon dioxide in deep saline aquifers: coupled flow-mechanical considerations, ARC Discovery, AU$330k
  • Ranjith, P.G., Airey, D., Sandiford, M., Hand, M., Cruden, S., Sanjayan, J., Hebblewhite, B., Webster, R., Xu, Liyanapathirana, S., Viete, D.R., Wilson, J., Bouazza, M., Haque, A., Oh, E., Halgamuge, S., Rasul, M., Leo, C., 2012, An advanced, macro-scale hydro-thermo-mechanical testing chamber for sustainable    deep    geological    applications, ARC LIEF, AU$1.9million
  • Bouazza, M., 2011-2013, Improved predictions of greenhouse gas transfers in landfill composite liner covers containing geomembrane defects, ARC Discovery, AU$180k
  • Al-Mahaidi, R., Wilson, J., Sanjayan, J., Gad, Zhao, X.L., Uy, B., Foster, Samali, Haritos, Mahendran, Griffith, Xie, Yang, Fragomeni, Lloyd, Bradford, Gilbert, Lam, Xiang, Dhanasekar, Rolfe, Duffield, Ranjith, P.G., Arulrajah, A., Rangan, Bai, Y., Guerrieri, 2011, Hybrid testing facility for structures    under    extreme    loads,    ARC LIEF, AU$870k
  • Gates, W., Daoud, Bouazza, M., Patti, Turney, Cashion, Rowe, 2010-2013, Advanced nanocomposites for enhanced containment of hyper-saline leachate, ARC Discovery, AU$435k
  • Sanjayan, J., Ranjith, P.G., Narsilio, 2010-2013, Development of leakage resistant well cements for geosequestration of carbon dioxide application using alkali activated slag and geopolymer cements, ARC Discovery, AU$520k
  • Ranjith, P.G., 2009-2012, An assessment of carbon dioxide storage capacity of water bearing sedimentary rocks, ARC Future Fellowship, AU$687k


Academic staff

Prof Malek Bouazza
Dr Ha Bui
Prof Ranjith Pathegama Gamage
Dr Asadul Haque
Dr Qianbing Zhang
Prof Jian Zhao
A/Prof Mohan Yellishetty

Research staff

Dr Rao Singh

Postgradudate students

Dilanth DeSilva
Mohammed Faizal
Ashani Ranathunga
Decheng Zhang
Yanlong Zheng

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