Model-Data Fusion


Professor Hai Vu

Research opportunities

Focus areas

Decision support system is heavily reliant on numerical models to predict, and such process-based models are important tools in the understanding of physical processes. This research encompasses all techniques related to model-based prediction through model confrontation with data. Studied algorithms include,but are not limited to, filtering and smoothing techniques, real-time control, uncertainty analysis, and parameter estimation. Domains of application include structural analysis, traffic behaviour, flood and drought management, urban development, etc. Both new algorithm developments and existing models and/or algorithms used in new and innovative ways for resilient solutions to societal problems is the basis for this thematic area.


To become leaders in modelling and innovative data fusion techniques for complex engineering problems.


Building tools to transfer data into knowledge for actions that benefit society.

Research highlights


Awards and Honours

  • A/Prof Valentijn Pauwels has been awarded a Future Fellowship in 2013 from the ARC.
  • Prof Hai L. Vu has been awarded a Future Fellowship in 2012 from the ARC.
  • Victoria Fellowship Award (2012) for Intelligent Transport Systems research


Selected projects

  • Hai L. Vu, 2018-2020, Scalable urban traffic control framework driven by distributed information, ARC Discovery Grant with K. An, AU$294K.
  • Hai L. Vu, 2012-2016,Easing urban congestion through intelligent use of distributed information, ARC Future Fellowship, AU$693K.
  • Hai L. Vu, 2013-2015, Congestion control of networks: a unified stochastic framework, ARC Discovery Grant with L. L. Andrew, Y. Nazarathy, S. H. Low and M. andjes, AU$300K.
  • Pauwels, V., 2014-2017, A novel and theoretically consistent method for correcting systematic errors in earth observation data and earth system model results, ARC Future Fellowship, AU$608K.
  • Sarvi, M., 2014-2017, Planning and managing road transport systems for extreme events through spatial enablement, ARC Linkage $550K.
  • Walker, J., Rüdiger, C., Jackson, T., Entekhabi, D., De Jeu, R., Merlin, O., Kim, E., Renzullo, L., 2014-2016, MoistureMonitor: A multi-mission soil moisture monitoring system for a water limited future, ARC Discovery, $565k
  • Sarvi, M., 2012-2015, Innovative tools to improve stations design and  management of crowds in emergency and panic conditions, ARC Linkage,  $480K.
  • Pauwels, V., Walker, J., 2014, Improving flood forecast skill using remote sensing data, Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC, AU$960K.


Academic staff

Dr Ha Bui
Dr Colin Caprani
Dr Edoardo Daly
A/Prof David McCarthy
A/Prof Valentijn Pauwels
Dr Chris Rudiger
Dr Christian Urich
Prof Hai Vu
Prof Jeff Walker
Dr Nan Zheng

Research staff

Dr Stefania Grimaldi
Dr Nam Hoang
Dr Ash Wright

Postgraduate students

Antara Dasgupta
Phu Cuong Nguyen
Sajjad Shafiei
Atousa Tajaddini
Yuxi Zhang

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