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Associate Professor Yu Bai

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Traditional technologies in structures and construction are inefficient in both their uses of materials and labour, often accompanied by massive consumption of energy and natural resources resulting in environmental sacrifice. This research addresses these challenges through the development of advanced structural materials, innovative design concepts, and smart construction technologies. The arrival of fibre reinforced polymer composites and engineering nano-composites opens a new opportunity to make lighter, stronger and more durable civil structures. This also embraces an integration design approach where structural components can serve multiple functions. Modern modular construction further facilitates a switch from on-site prototype operation to made-to-measure production with reduced environmental impact.


Leaders in construction with advanced structural materials, design concepts, and construction methods


Transform civil infrastructure through sustainable and innovative structural materials and construction.

Research highlights

Modular construction codes board.

Awards and Honours

Selected projects

  • Duan W. H., J. Sanjayan, ZP Bazant, and CM Wang, 2013-2015, Microplane material models for graphene-oxide-reinforced concretes, ARC Discovery, AU$360k
  • Duan W. H., 2013-2017, Novel cement-graphene oxide composite: Understanding its composite structure via nano-mechanics based modelling and experimental tests, ARC Future Fellow project, AU$712k
  • Collins, F. G., Duan W.H., and Wang C. M., 2011-2013, Tensile Enhancement of Cements Utilising Carbon Nanotubes to Create Stronger, Lighter, More Ductile, and Easier-to-Build Structures, ARC Discovery, AU$270k
  • Bai, Y., 2012-2014, Free-forming and function-integrated composite structures for future green building construction, ARC DECRA, AU$375k
  • Zhao, X.-L., Singh, R., Bai, Y., Bandyopadhyay, S., Rizkalla, S.H., 2012-2014, Durability of carbon fibre reinforced polymer (CFRP) strengthened steel structures against environment-assisted degradation, ARC Discovery, AU$380k
  • Collins, F.G., Gates, W.P., Aldridge, L.P., Pickard, D.S., Fernando, K., 2012-2015, Cementitious Gel: The Missing Link in Understanding the Ageing of Built Infrastructure, ARC Discovery, AU$320k
  • Collins, F.G., Molyneaux, T.C., Birbilis, N., Law, D.W., Blin, F., Berndt, M., 2009-2014, Improved Management of Australian Port Infrastructure by Development of Predictive Ageing Simulation, ARC Linkage, with AECOM Ltd, Geelong Port, and Sydney Ports as industry partners, AU$270k


Academic staff

A/Prof Yu Bai
Dr Colin Caprani
Prof Wenhui Duan
Dr Asadul Haque
Dr Ye Lu
A/Prof Bill Wong
Prof Xiao-Ling Zhao

Research staff

Shujian Chen
Dr Changxi Zheng

Post-graduate students

Daniel Borrie
Han Fang
Steven Fang
Ruiqi Guan
Jiashen Li
Roye Li
Feng Lin
Parag Moon
Leifeng  Shi
Mengzi Sun
Qianhui Zhang

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