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Professor Jayantha Kodikara

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Sustainable infrastructure underpins the liveability and productivity of major cities and regional communities through effective transport and communications infrastructure, versatile buildings, and delivery of essential services, such as water, gas, and sewer. Maintaining and extending the life of ageing infrastructure and providing sustainable infrastructure for growing populations is a major challenge worldwide. In partnership with our research in Smart Structures, Sensing Technologies and Engineering for Extremes, this research is developing innovative, cost effective and environmentally friendly solutions to infrastructure planning, design, retrofitting, analysis and performance monitoring for the benefit of society. Both fundamental and applied research are synergistically conducted in various facets of infrastructure, including optimisation of transport and structural reliability of roads and bridges, understanding and effectively combating the accelerated deterioration of structures built in corrosive environments, and improving the resilience of water, gas and wastewater infrastructure such as pipelines, sewers and dams under extreme and long-term climatic and man induced loading changes.


To become a leading research group in Australia and in the world that provides innovative and smart solutions to world’s pressing infrastructure problems and that trains future technological leaders to advance the society.


To forecast impending infrastructure problems and provide smart, cost-effective and environmentally responsible solutions for planning, designing, analysis, adaptation and performance monitoring of both existing and new infrastructure systems, for the benefit of the society at large.

Research highlights

Awards and Honours

  • Professor Jayantha Kodikara and the Critical Pipes Project team was awarded 2016 Best Research Development Collaboration Award from the Australian Business and Higher Education Round Table (B/HERT) in 2016.
  • Professor Graham Currie was appointed to the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering (ATSE) in 2016.
  • Professor Graham Currie and Dr Alexa Delbosc won Best Research Paper Award for Transport Policy at the World Conference in Transport Research at Tongji University, Shanghai in 2016.
  • Associate Professor Wenhui Duan was awarded Dean's Award for Excellence in Research by Monash University in 2016.
  • Dr Christopher De Gruyter was awarded Emerging Professional of the Year Award by Institute of Transportation ITE in 2015.
  • Dr Alexa Delbosc was awarded Advancing Women's Research Success Grant in 2014.
  • Professor Jayantha Kodikara and the Critical Pipes Project team: International Water Association's (IWA) Project Innovation Awards for the Advanced Condition Assessment and Pipe Failure Prediction (Critical Pipes) Project
  • Feature article on Critical Pipes Project in Journal of Advances in Water Research vol 26(3) 2016 (PDF, 2.13 MB)
  • Professor Jayantha Kodikara was awarded Vice-Chancellor’s Awards for Innovation and Engagement and for Excellence in Innovation and External Collaboration in 2013


Selected projects

  • Bui, H. et al., 2018-2020. Management of coal bursts and pillar burst in deep mines, Australian Coal Research, AU $257k.
  • Caprani, C. et al., 2018. Bridge structural health monitoring associated with multiple super load (400t) movements, John Holland Pty Ltd, AU $643k.
  • Caprani, C. et al., 2018. Bridge Structural Health Monitoring Associated with Loy Yang Generator Movement May 2018, MHPS Plant Services Pty Ltd, AU $78k.
  • Caprani, C. et al., Bridge deck analysis for VicRoads, 2017. VicRoads, AU $30k.
  • Caprani, C. et al., 2017-2020. Drive by bridge inspection: the use of instrumented revenue wagons for structural health monitoring of rail bridges, Rail Manufacturing Cooperative Research Centre (CRC), AU $80k
  • Currie, G., De Gruyter, C.L. and Delbosc, A. R., 2017-2018. Building transport equity into DTMR public transport policy and practice, Department of Transport and Main Roads (QLD), AU $15k.
  • Currie, G., et al., 2016-2017, Melbourne Municipal Service Level Measure project (MMSLM) - Monash Inputs, Phillip Boyle & Associates, AU $8k.
  • Delbosc, A. R., et al., Millennial Mobility Panel Study - TAC Survey Collaboration, Transport Accident Commission (TAC), AU $39k.
  • Delbosc, A. R., et al., 2016-2017. Network Operations Planning Concept RFTNEG2079, Austroads, AU $70k.
  • Duan, W., et al., 2017-2019.  Design of floating forest-like structure as breakwaters come windbreaker for inshore wave and wind reduction, Australian Research Council (ARC), AU $160k.
  • Kodikara, J., Bui, H. Lu, Y., et al., 2018-2022. ARC Research hub for smart next generation transport pavements, Australian Research Council (ARC), AU $10.6M.
  • Kodikara, J., et al., 2018-2021. Smart linings for pipe and infrastructure, Cooperative Research Centres Association (CRC), AU $5.7M.
  • Lu, Y., et al., 2018-2021. JSTI scholarship for bridge structural health monitoring, Jiangsu Transportation Research Institute, AU $105k.
  • Lu, Y., et al., 2017-2021. BrIM based Structural Life Cycle Assessment Incorporating Finite Element Analytics Analysis and Real Time Structural Monitoring Measurements, Data61, AU $35k.
  • Lu, Y., et al., 2017-2020. Nonlinear vibro‐acousto‐ultrasonic waves for fatigue cracking detection in key rail components, Rail Manufacturing Cooperative Research Centre (CRC), AU $40k.
  • Zhao, X.L., Singh, R., Teng, J.G. and Wu, G.,  Hybrid Construction using Seawater, Sea Sand and Fibre Reinforced Polymer, ARC Discovery Project  DP160100739, AU $480k
  • Ha Bui, J. Kodikara & M. Sanchez, A multi-scale approach to investigate desiccation cracking in clayey soils, ARC Discovery Project DP160100775, AU $340K.
  • Zhao, X.L., Al-Mahaidi, R., Motavalli, M., Powers, N., Hueppi, M., 2014-2017, Fatigue Strengthening of Metallic Bridges using Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer System, ARC Linkage, AU $200K from ARC and AU $175K from Industry Partners (VicRoads and S&P Clever Reinforcement Company)
  • Kodikara, J., Bui, H., Walker, J., 2014-2017, An Innovative integrated algorithms for cost-effective management of water pipe networks, Collaborative project through Smart Water Fund, AU $750k,
  • Kodikara, J., Bui, H., Jitsangiam, P., 2014-2017, Development of advanced deterioration models and test methods for the design of stabilised pavement bases, ARC Linkage, AU $276k
  • Kodikara, J., 2011-2014, Advancement of cohesive crack approach to model shrinkage and load induced cracking in multi-phase soils, ARC Discovery, AU $170k
  • Zhao, X.-L., Singh, R., Bai, Y., Bandyopadhyay, S., Rizkalla, S.H., 2012-2014, Durability of carbon fibre reinforced polymer (CFRP) strengthened steel structures against environment-assisted degradation, ARC Discovery, AU $380k


Academic staff

Dr Ha Bui
Dr Colin Caprani
Prof Graham Currie
Dr Alexa Delbosc
Prof Wenhui Duan
Dr Asadul Haque
Prof Jayantha Kodikara
Dr Ye Lu
Prof Geoff Rose
Prof Hai Vu

Research staff

Dr Ravin Deo
Dr Guoyang Fu
Dr Marilyn Johnson
Dr Benjamin Shannon

Postgradudate students

Mr Rukshan Azoor
Nhu Nguyen
Thang Nguyen
Arooran Sounthararajah
Yingnan Wang

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