Advanced Traffic Engineering

As the world around us changes, transport systems are under increasing pressure to deliver better economic, social and environmental results for the community and there’s a growing demand for professionals prepared to tackle these new challenges.

At a glance

Advanced Traffic Engineering (CIV5301)
Start date:
26 July 2021
12 weeks
Entry requirements:
You must meet the minimum English language requirements
Assignments and continuous assessment
This unit provides 6 points credit available towards further study. Options include Master of Engineering, Master of Professional Engineering and Master of Public Policy. Additional prerequisites may be required.

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What you’ll learn

Aimed to develop your understanding of contemporary topics in traffic flow theory and their applications. You will be introduced to fundamental traffic variables and relationships and examine how they are used to represent both microscopic and macroscopic traffic flow conditions. Analytic techniques appropriate to the design and operation of traffic systems are considered for both interrupted and uninterrupted flow situations.

On completion of this unit you will be able to:

  • Describe advanced contemporary traffic flow theories and apply to solve practical traffic problems
  • Perform traffic data analysis methodologically
  • Apply analytical techniques in the design and operation of traffic systems
  • Evaluate the role of Intelligent Transport Systems in Dynamic Traffic Management

World-leaders in Transport education and research

Transport education and research programs have been offered by Monash University for more than 50 years. Over that period the programs have developed a deserved international reputation for being academically rigorous and practical. You will learn alongside inspiring like-minded professionals enabling you to share knowledge and ideas whilst expanding your industry connections and networks. You’ll be taught by leading educators who don’t just understand the latest research and industry trends, but are often directly leading it.

National Education Partner of AITPM

We are proud to be the National Education Partner of the Australian Institute of Traffic Planning and Management (AITPM), the premier national organisation for the transport and traffic profession in Australia. AITPM's national network of professionals and diverse program of events and seminars provides opportunities for students to strengthen their professional network as well as giving them access to continuing professional education opportunities which serve not only as a valuable complement to their studies but also to their ongoing career development.


Who should attend

If you work in the traffic and transport profession or want to enter this field, these intensive, short programs will support your career opportunities in the private and public sector, in areas including transport planning and policy, transport operations, public transport, traffic engineering and management.

Ideally suited to senior professionals working in local, state and federal government agencies such as road and transport authorities, public and private sector transport operators, and local and international consulting organisations.

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