Welcome from the Head

Scott Tyo

On behalf of the staff and students in the Department of Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering, I welcome you to browse our website, where you will find more about us, our graduate and undergraduate educational programs, our academic staff, their research programs, and the broad range of activities underway in the department.

Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering is the largest and most diverse technological field in the world. Many of the greatest past technological achievements come from our field: electrification, electronics, radio and TV, computers, telephony, Internet, imaging, household appliances, health technologies, laser and fiber optics. More importantly, many future disruptive technologies (mobile internet, internet of things, advanced robotics, automation of knowledge, cloud technology, energy storage, renewable energy, autonomous vehicles, to name a few) also fall primarily within our domain. ECSE offers a way to think, and applies engineering, scientific, economic, social and practical knowledge, together with mathematics and ingenuity, in order to develop solutions to real problems.

The goal of our department is to blend theory and practice, providing education for life, not just training. We always strive for improvement, continuously adapting our undergraduate and graduate curricula to better meet the needs of tomorrow's practicing engineers, as well as professionals who desire, through our double degrees, to combine engineering expertise with expertise in information technology, science, arts, law, commerce and a variety of other areas, so as to follow professions for which electrical and computer systems engineering provides a firm foundation.

Our state-of-the-art teaching lab facilities include General Purpose Electronics and Project Laboratories, Digital Systems, Robotics and Computer Vision, Power Laboratory, High Voltage Laboratory, Software Defined Radio, Optical Communications, Mechatronics Laboratory, and Medical Engineering Laboratory. Our research facilities are also among the best at any university.

Research in our department spans a wide variety of disciplines including:

Many of our research projects are cross-disciplinary and involve collaborations with academics and students in other departments. Graduate students can pursue course work and research leading to both Master and Ph.D. degrees.

Now is the best time to start your career as an electrical engineer or a computer systems engineer! There is increasing demand for our graduates in the technology, energy, finance and consulting businesses in Australia and abroad. If you are a prospective undergraduate or graduate student, please come visit us as we always have time to welcome new and talented students to our programs!

Professor Scott Tyo
Head of Department