Student Staff Consultative Group

The Consultative Committee provides a channel of communication between the student body and the Department. It provides a venue for students to discuss with staff matters of common concern such as timetabling, workload, access to laboratories, or problems with lectures or labs.

The committee comprises students elected from each course level, plus the Head of Department, the Course Advisor, Level Coordinators, and Director of Undergraduate Studies as convenor. It usually meets three times each semester (weeks 4, 8, 12 on a Tuesday 1-2 pm. Additional meetings may be called at the request of students.

This is an appropriate venue for discussion with staff of problems common to a number of students. Remember that if you individually have a problem, the lecturer concerned, the ECSE Course Advisor or the Level Coordinator will be happy to help you.

2017 Student Representatives

Taqi Ali Level 5 BE(ECSE)/BBiomedSc
Nathan Caspersz Level 2,3 BE(ECSE)
Aaron Choong Level 2 BCSE
Patrick Graham Level 3 BCom/BE
Ojasvi Gupta Level 3 BE (ECSE)
Liyanadewage Jayatissa Level 2 BE(ECSE)
Ben Loveland Level 4 BE (Mechatronics)
Brian Pham Level 3 BE (Mechatronics
Amy Hwei-Wen Prentice Level 3 BE (ECSE)
Zubair Rahman Level 4 BE (ECSE)
James Maxwell Salamy Level 5 BE/BSc
Sujenthan Sivasothy Level 3 BCom/BE (ECSE)
Andrew Walley Level 3 BCom/BE (Mechatronics)
Andrew Watterson Level 2,3 BE(ECSE)/BBiomedSc
Rory Sutherland Level 4 SMEE representative

2017 Minutes of Meetings

2016 and an archive of earlier minutes