Entry to Level 2 ECSE

The first year course for the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) at Monash University is common for all students. After the successful completion of this common first year, students can apply for entry into the engineering specialisation of their choice.

Prospective students are advised to read the department’s Undergraduate Guide for a full course description and extra information about the department.

Students can specialise in Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering  by selecting it using the faculties branch selection process and online forms.

Students must achieve a minimum pass grade of 50 P in both ENG1005 Engineering mathematics and ENG1060 Computing for engineers.

Students who have not completed all unit requirements in engineering at level 1 may not be allocated into their selected engineering specialisation until completion of relevant first year units e.g. single degree <36 credit points, double degree <30 credit points. In this case, students should seek course advice from the Faculty Office, ground floor, 14 Alliance Lane and undertake specialisation selection at the end of the next semester.

Should the number of applicants exceed the number of places available, students will be selected on the basis of their first year results.