Career opportunities

Dr Finkel has established a world-class supplier of electronic and robotic instruments, invented a device that was successfully commercialised to speed drug research.

The demand for electrical and computer systems engineers, which includes electronic engineering, exceeds supply. Graduates work locally and internationally in power generation, electronic design, automation systems, computer systems and software development. Employers include the health care, telecommunications,  mining, transport, water and energy industries and many diverse small to medium enterprises developing specialist technologies or adding “smarts” to their products.

The strong problem-solving and analytical skills developed by ECSE graduates throughout their studies have made them highly sought out in other industries. Graduates with these skills are sought-out by the banking and finance industries, as they can see complex patterns and can develop computer systems  to identify trends or seek-out fraud. These skills are also sought out in defence, taxation and security.

A deep understanding of audio and visual signals, and how to process them with dedicated computer-systems also offers opportunities in music production, computer-generated imagery, entertainment, mobile-apps, and gaming.

Students completing double degrees are often able to even further expand their career possibilities through the development of complementary skills in commerce, arts, law, science and medical disciplines. For example, our research in bionic vision and brain interfaces requires a new generation of researchers  with skills in physiology, electronics, materials, surgery and rehabilitation.

Graduate salaries in electrical and computer systems engineering are amongst the highest of all engineering disciplines and roles in the field have a great deal of job security and flexibility. Because complex electronic systems can be designed using desktop-computers, then the manufacturing outsourced,  there are many opportunities to create global industries with a few friends around a kitchen table!

For more information, visit the Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering) course.