Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Engineering

Official course descriptions are available in the University Handbook.

The Faculties of Engineering and Science offer a five-year double-degree course which qualifies students for the degrees of Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Engineering.
Students nominate at the beginning of Level 1 their intended department of specialisation in Engineering.

In the course structure for the BSc degree, restrictions have been imposed in terms of prescribed units to ensure that students pursue studies that suitably equip them for the subsequent years in engineering. Current programmes permit a student to major in Physics, Astrophysics, Atmospheric Science, Mathematics, Computer Science or Physiology (Biomedical Engineering).

Biomedical Engineering is a combined degree course in Physiology and Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering with extensive clinical exposure. The course produces  graduates with an in-depth knowledge of engineering, physiology, the biomedical instrumentation manufacturing industry and clinical engineering practice in hospitals. The course structure includes both second and third year Physiology, and a full Electrical & Computer Systems Engineering course, with a set of Biomedical Engineering units in place of the normal option units.

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