Facilities and equipment

In addition to our well-equipped undergraduate teaching and project laboratories, we have specialist research equipment to support our cutting-edge research.

Computer Systems Engineering

  • “The Pizzeria” - Linux-based computing cluster (B35/105)
  • Monash Sun Grid (MSG) - high performance computing facility
  • Victorian Partnerships for Advanced Computers and NCI high performance computing facilities
  • BC727 PC cluster (Beowulf cluster) - Engineering Teaching PC Lab cluster

Smart Electrical Engineering (Power Engineering)

  • Power System simulation software
  • Transformer Research Laboratory
    • 936kW 22kV/4.5kV/440V Fully instrumented power transformer and transformer test facility. Includes temperature probes and web-based control of the transformer load profile.
    • Fully screened 2-room laboratory for partial discharge monitoring in transformer oils. Includes chemical and gas analysis facilities.
    • Infrared cameras.
  • The Jack Wilson High Voltage Laboratory
    • 300kV, 20kVA transformer
    • 300kV, 1.5kJ impulse generator
    • 1600kV, 22kJ impulse generator
    • +/- 30kV 0-5kHz high-voltage power amplifier
    • 400kV DC source
    • Partial discharge detector (computer-based)
    • RIV measuring instrument

Long-Haul Telecommunications

  • Siemens 16 x 10 Gbit/s 600-km optical communications link designed for Melbourne-Sydney
  • Fully-equipped optical communications laboratory including 40 Gbit/s signal generation, detection and Bit Error Rate (BER) counting
  • Second communications laboratory for optical OFDM and Electronic Dispersion Compensation testing up to 120 Gbit/s.
  • Includes an 800-km optical fiber link with up to 16 WDM channels, 2x20 Gbit/s Arbitrary Waveform Generators, 120-Gbit/s polarization-multiplexed coherent optical receiver, 20-GHz 50 GS/s real-time oscilloscope, high-resolution spectrophotometer (20 MHz resolution), grating optical spectrum analyzer (0.06 nm resolution), Agilent tunable lasers, bank of DFB lasers and supplies, optical amplifiers, 40-Gbps QPSK modulators, 1x4 “Waveshaper” programmable wavelength-selective switch.
  • High-speed broadband amplifiers and components.
  • Fiber splicing facilities
  • Photonic device and system simulations software

RF Electronics, Wireless and RFID

  • Microwave Anechoic Chamber
    • 43-GHz Signal Generator
    • 43-GHz RF Spectrum Analyser with 60-GHz mixer
    • 50-GHz Two Port Vector Analyser
    • 50-GHz Signal Generator
    • Highly-Sensitive RF Power Meter
  • Microwave Simulation Software
    • CST with GPU acceleration
    • COMSOL
    • Agilent ADS
  • Screened room for microwave testing
  • 14-GHz real time (40 GS/s) oscilloscope


  • Multiple laboratories with a large collection of robots incorporating multiple sensors (laser rangers, sonar, omnidirectional cameras, odour)
  • High-speed cameras
  • Design software
  • 3-D Milling machine

Undergraduate Labs

  • Level 2 labs: 72 benches with oscillorscopes, function generators & PC's, 16 benches with 3GHZ signal generators & spectrum analyzers.
  • Level 1 labs: 72 benches with arbitrary wave room generators, 4- ch digital oscilloscopes, FGPA development board & PC's.


32 PCs with FGPA development boards and H robots.

Mechatronics Labs

16 workbenches with pneumatic and electronic control equipment

Power Lab

Experiments in rectification, inversion, rotating machine testing and drive technologies

HV Labs

Various undergraduate experiments on ac and impulse testing


Mechanical workshops including milling, turning, sheet metalwork and welding, electronic workshop including CAD, surface-mount testing and repair.