Our research themes

The research mission of the Department of Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering (ECSE) is to focus on today’s challenges; we provide innovative solutions based on a strong understanding of all areas of electrical and electronic engineering. Computational power increases every year, and electronics is key to many new product innovations and product improvements. Our researchers are developing innovative solutions to some of our greatest challenges.

Our staff generally have interests covering several groups across our key research themes, both within and external to the department. For example, many biological engineering applications (such as robotic surgery and our $15m bionic eye project), call upon a mix of robotics, signal processing, power systems and communications. All of our research relies on a deep understanding of the relationships between the time and frequency domains - waveforms and musical notes in common parlance - and these relationships are exploited by applying powerful computation (computer systems, usually embedded on a single chip) to create leading-edge technologies across all areas.

ECSE’s research covers seven main themes

Scholarships for research students

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