Wireless Telecommunications

Research focus

  • Wireless communications: Mobile phones in 3G, 4G and 5G; Broadcast systems; Microwave; Bluetooth; Zigbee WiFi
  • Wireless networking: Cellular networks; AdHoc networks; GSM; Terrestrial Microwave Network
  • Coding and information theory: Data Compression; Cryptography; Error correction and detection codes; MPEG

Meet the researchers

Professor Jean Armstrong

My research covers a range of wireless and optical communication topics including visible light communications (VLC), visible light positioning (VLP), OFDM modulation and advanced receiver design for VLC and VLP.

Weblink: http://www.jean-armstrong.com

Dr Bill Corcoran

I investigate methods to future-proof fibre optic infrastructure, which forms the communications backbone of our increasingly connected society.

Dr Yi Hong
Senior Lecurer

I develop physical layer security techniques with applications to wireless communications and IoT devices. I design coding in conjunction with modulation for future generation wireless communications.

Professor Emanuele Viterbo

I develop advanced error control coding for data storage systems, wireless communication and networking. I design baseband algorithms for millimeter-wave communications. I develop Software Defined Radio testbeds of wireless communications systems

Dr Nikola Zlatanov

I develop communication schemes for next-generation wireless networks.

Weblink: https://ecse.monash.edu/staff/nikolaz/