Sighting Exam Papers

The University’s assessment in coursework policy and procedures provides very broad direction on the provision for students to sight their examination paper. The faculty has therefore developed its own, more detailed policy governing the sighting of examination papers:

‘The provision of feedback to students is part of the educational process and viewing of exam papers forms part of that feedback mechanism. Chief Examiners must ensure that students are informed of the arrangements made for them to obtain feedback on their performance in examinations and other end-of-semester assessment. This may take the form of feedback classes, provision of the examination questions with marking guides or sample answers, or other forms of group feedback. Chief Examiners may require students to take advantage of the group feedback opportunities provided to them before requesting individual consultations with staff’.

The following arrangements regarding access to exam papers will apply to Engineering units:

  • Departments and schools will display information on their web pages and/or email students regarding the process for viewing their exam paper.
  • Students will be permitted to view their exam papers up until the end of the second week of the semester following the issue of results.
  • Students wishing to view their exam papers should complete an appropriate request form, available from their department webpage.
  • Copies of exam papers will not be provided to students in any format.

Faculty of Engineering Student Access to Exam Papers policy (PDF, 0.05 MB)

Where To Find Information On Sighting Exam Papers

University policy bank

The University’s assessment in coursework policy and procedures  (PDF, 0.18 MB) covers both in-semester and examination assessment.

Faculty policy bank

Faculty policy and procedures may exist for some processes where the faculty’s policy provides more detailed information on a given area.