Undergraduate studies

The Department offers undergraduate programmes in the Faculty of Engineering. Graduates from all of our programmes are highly employable, with specialised knowledge in their chosen discipline and a range of high-level experimental and problem-solving skills.

General information about possible single and double degrees can be found here.

Materials Science and Engineering is the stream in the Faculty of Engineering which deals with all areas relating to current materials in many diverse manufacturing industries such as aerospace, and the exciting research and development of new materials and applications. Information  about the course layout for specialising in Materials Engineering (PDF, 0.11 MB).

Double degree programmes offer versatility for students who want to combine their major with studies from another faculty. A range of other double degrees can also be undertaken with Materials Engineering, the details for all such double degrees can be found here.

In particular, the double degree of Science-Engineering (specialising in Materials Engineering) is one example of a highly valued double degree in which subjects from both the Science and Materials Engineering can be taken.

Degrees can also be taken with Arts, Law, or Commerce.

The Bachelor of Biomedical Science and Bachelor of Engineering (specialising in Materials Science and Engineering) is a unique and exciting double degree program combining subjects selected from the Department of Materials Science and Engineering and the Faculty of Medicine and information on its course structure can be found here.

Students can also do these subjects as part of a Materials Science major in the Science Faculty, as part of the science degree.

It can also be taken as the science component of a double degree which includes the Bachelor of Science (including Science/Engineering double degrees where Materials Science and Engineering can also be the engineering branch chosen). Information of this course structure can be found in the University handbook.

Engineering Level 1

E3001 Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (PDF, 0.11 MB)