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Inspiring a new generation of makers for a sustainable world - Monash Forge.

Welcome to the first MSE student-led initiative, Monash Forge!

Monash Forge is the first student-run Materials Engineering project team based at Monash University Clayton campus. We provide opportunities to develop fundamental, practical and soft skills required by industry through engagement with our Forging and Foundry teams. Our vision to “inspire a new generation of makers for a sustainable world” is achieved through our three core initiatives:

1. Spread Education

We aim to provide practical training opportunities by designing and running workshops for members of the Monash community and the broader public. In these, we strive to share knowledge about the importance of sustainability by demonstrating our sustainable manufacturing practices. Our educational objectives will be met through integration into for-credit academic units offered through Monash University's Engineering Faculty and through outreach events such as public workshops.

2. Inspire Sustainability

At Monash Forge, we aspire to become leaders in the field of sustainable manufacturing. Our aims are to develop and spread manufacturing best practices which allow parts to be produced at the same or better quality as they currently are but with a more benign environmental impact. Key areas of research for us centre around the integration of circular product life cycle into every stage of design as well as reducing the impact of industries’ high-energy needs. It is our hope that by demonstrating the feasibility of our practices, we may inspire others to follow our lead into a more sustainable future.

3. Unmatched Performance

Monash Forge aims to produce high-quality products using sustainable in-house manufacturing capabilities. We aspire to become an integral part in a collaborative ecosystem of Monash University Engineering project teams by being the go-to manufacturer for reliable forged and cast parts catering to any team’s needs.

Through the three core initiatives of the Forge: to spread education, to inspire sustainability and to provide unmatched performance; we hope to become respected and innovative members of the manufacturing community and to up-skill Engineering students such that they can tackle the problems of the future.

We currently operate in two streams of manufacturing techniques: Foundry team and Forging team with exciting workshops, faculty and team collaboration projects on the horizon.

Team 1: Foundry

The Foundry Section focuses on sustainable casting projects. We are working on optimising small-scale recycling; our focus has been taking the aluminium cans left by thirsty university students and turning them into novelty items (eg. sword pens, frying pans and bow ties) and experimenting with the best modes.

We just completed our mid-year recruitment, we will be up-skilling our members to demonstrate for Open Day, a unit in collaboration with the Mechanical and Aerospace Department and the end-of-year workshop session which is open to the public.

Team 2: Forging

The Forging Section focuses on the potentials of sustainable blacksmithing, by building a community of hobby smiths of Monash students and the wider Australian community. We are up-skilling students with beginner projects (eg. S-hooks, fire pokers and letter openers) made from mild steel, with ambitions of expanding into new projects and materials.

We have taken on 10 new members into the forging team and, similarly to the foundry team, we are working towards an open day, a unit collaboration with the Mechanical and Aerospace Department and the end-of-year workshop session which is open to the public.

Keep up to date with Monash Forge through LinkedIn and Facebook.

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