Monash and Pause Fest Join Forces

- Materials

At this year’s Pause Fest, MSE offers the public a glimpse into the future with an interactive stall.

MSE has teamed up with design studio Local Peoples to launch an interactive stall at Pause Fest, the world’s leading creativity infused business event.

The stall will run as part of the festival’s free Tech Garden, held at Federation Square from February 6 to 8. Five pioneering Monash enterprises will offer the public a glimpse into the innovative applications of materials science, exploring a range of trailblazing concepts including portable recycling plants, custom-designed 3D printed football boots and even the possibility of phone-charging T-shirts.

The Tech Garden event brings together a curated mix of businesses and organisations exploring and excelling at innovation through technology. Monash’s inclusion showcases the Department’s ongoing excellence within the field of Materials Science and Engineering, and celebrates the most exciting and avant-garde new enterprises to come from its students and staff.

As well as the five enterprises on display, the stall invites visitors to engage with an interactive installation of graphene: an electrically conductive carbon material that’s one atom thick. Inspired by graphene’s possible applications, Monash and Local Peoples have built an interactive audio synthesiser into the stall. Visitors can create their own dynamic soundscape through everyday objects to explore how materials science can influence and enhance our lives.

Acting Head of MSE Neil Cameron says it’s important to demonstrate the diverse and exciting applications of materials like graphene to people outside the field.

“Materials science innovation is making fundamental materials lighter, stronger and more durable, allowing for new and improved designs in areas including engineering and manufacturing, science and medicine, and even farming and agricultural applications,” he says.

“At our Pause Fest stall this year, visitors will be able to understand first-hand how graphene can be used in everyday items like shoes, cars, clothes and even food to make our world more efficient, and the things around us more responsive to our needs as humans.”

Graphene is also the subject of extensive research by SupraG Energy, one of the five enterprises showcased by Monash, alongside Precious Plastics, XBlades, Maple Glass Printing and Additive Assurance at their Tech Garden stall.

The Tech Garden runs from February 6-8 in Federation Square as part of Pause Fest 2019. For more information and tickets head this way.