Room 181: Induction Melter

Enrico Seemann

Where would materials be without machines? This month we pay a visit to the induction melter in Room 181 on Alliance Lane.

Known fondly as the ‘Old Faithful’, the induction melter in Room 181 is an icon of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering.

The Old Faithful is still in residence, and its custodian is Jian-Feng Nie, who is a professor of metallurgy at Monash. Many alloys have been made in this machine, and it has propped up the department for decades.

The induction melter is a furnace where metals are induction heated to the molten state. The molten alloy is then poured into a mould that solidifies when it cools. Thus, it is an essential facility in physical metallurgy and materials engineering, representing the first step of the manufacturing chain of metallic products and it plays an important role in the development of advanced alloys at Monash.

This excerpt features in the Monash Materials Science and Engineering 50th Anniversary Book.

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