MSE OHS Documents/Procedures

Safety in Materials Science and Engineering is of the utmost importance and a legislative requirement as outlined in the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004. Before any research or experimental procedures are undertaken, Project Summary's, Risk Assessments (RA), Safe Work Instructions (SWI) and full training must be completed to ensure a safe work environment is provided for all students, researchers and staff.

Chemical Management


Risk Management and Safe Work Instructions

It is essential that staff and students are not injured while working or studying at Monash University. All activities that will involve considerable risk to health and safety must be assessed using a risk assessment. Additionally, actions must be taken to reduce the risk.

Risk assessments must be be completed in SARAH using the WHS Risk Register module.

Safe Work Instruction (SWI): Written instruction(s) for tasks that outline the preferred method of undertaking a task, whilst emphasising ways to reduce any risk of harm to persons, property or the environment.

A risk assessment of the task/machinery/equipment /process should be completed before developing SWIs to identify the hazards, associated levels of risk and suitable risk controls. Once completed, the SWI should be filed with the risk assessment. Where the risk assessment is in S.A.R.A.H, the SWI should be attached to the related risk assessment.

Electrical Equipment Pre-Purchase Checklist

Local Area OHS/Lab Induction Checklist

Please note that all inductions are to be requested and recorded through iLab. This document is meant to be used as a guide for the lab supervisor to induct new users and can be contextualised to suit the work area and must be delivered by the lab supervisor/manager or appropriate delegate.

OHS Training Record

All training is to be requested and recorded through iLab. All training requires signoff from an authorised trainer (chosen by the lab manager), the lab manager and the trainee. All trained users are required to create safety documentation (Risk Assessment and Safe Work Instructions) on S.A.R.A.H. for the relevant processes in consultation with the trainers and lab managers.

Please note that digital signatures as captured through iLab have been deemed to be legally valid signatures, as iLab access requires Monash multi-factor authentication to sign-in.

Gas Cylinders & Cryogenics training

Laboratory Supervisors/Persons responsible

After Hours Lab Work in New Horizons

During Use

Leaving Monash

OHS Committees