MSE OHS Documents/Procedures

Safety in Materials Science and Engineering is of the utmost importance and a legislative requirement as outlined in the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004. Before any research or experimental procedures are undertaken, Project Summary's, Risk Assessments (RA), Safe Work Instructions (SWI) and full training must be completed to ensure a safe work environment is provided for all students, researchers and staff.

Chemical Management


Risk Management and Safe Work Instructions

It is essential that staff and students are not injured while working or studying at Monash University. All activities that will involve considerable risk to health and safety must be assessed using a risk assessment. Additionally, actions must be taken to reduce the risk.

Risk assessments must be be completed in SARAH using the WHS Risk Register module.

Safe Work Instruction (SWI): Written instruction(s) for tasks that outline the preferred method of undertaking a task, whilst emphasising ways to reduce any risk of harm to persons, property or the environment.

A risk assessment of the task/machinery/equipment /process should be completed before developing SWIs to identify the hazards, associated levels of risk and suitable risk controls. Once completed, the SWI should be filed with the risk assessment. Where the risk assessment is in S.A.R.A.H, the SWI should be attached to the related risk assessment.

Electrical Equipment Pre-Purchase Checklist

Local Area OHS/Lab Induction Checklist

This will be effective from 1 June 2021 (from Dr Sebastian Thomas, MSE Safety Officer).

  1. Lab managers will have to edit/customise the MSE Local Area OHS Induction Checklist template and make it specific for their respective labs. They will have to list hazards/requirements/conditions specific to their labs.

    For example, in the form they can add info such as below (refer my comments in the attached template).

    • No chemicals must be brought into this lab
    • No acids must be used in this lab.
    • Respiratory protective equipment must be worn at all times.

    This “lab-specific” induction form must then be used for lab inductions going forward.

  2. A hard copy of the customised lab induction form will have to displayed in the lab so that users, TOs, OHS staff (monitors) can view them whenever necessary. At some point, Jono or I will collect the ‘lab specific’ forms from individual lab managers and will include them in iLab.
  3. The lab manager shall bring the induction form to the induction (that is going forward, users will no longer be carrying or bringing this form). MSE reception will just tell users that lab managers will bring the form, and will have a lab specific form for inductions, which might be different for each lab.
  4. Once the lab induction process is complete, the MSE requirement is that the lab manager signs-off the induction in iLab and adds the inducted user to the lab user list. This step implies that the inducted user has agreed to abide to all instructions/conditions/requirements in the form.
  5. The above is the minimum expected action from MSE and must be completed for compliance. Note: Lab managers CAN at their own discretion add more steps to the induction process (besides above) as deemed necessary. For example: if they want to collect signatures of users in induction forms and keep copies of signed induction forms (for their own records) they can indeed do so.

Also, all lab inductions must only be authorised by designated lab managers.

OHS Training Record (update to be advised)

Gas Cylinders & Cryogenics training

Laboratory Supervisors/Persons responsible

After Hours Lab Work in New Horizons

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