Geoffrey Pascoe

Geoffrey Pascoe

Bachelor of Computer Science (Honours), Bachelor of Mechatronics Engineering (Honours) and Bachelor of Science

Geoffrey Pascoe has recently completed a Bachelor of Mechatronics and a Bachelor of Science, one of the many double degrees Monash has to offer.

Geoffrey has been passionate about how things worked from a young age. A love for maths and physics, combined with an appetite for problem solving, made engineering a clear choice.

“Engineering appealed to me because it allows me to take those fields and apply them to solving real world problems.”

"I found it tremendously exciting to be figuring things out and trying new things for myself, rather than simply learning what others had done.”

Already an accomplished student with a Bachelor of Computer Science (Honours), Geoffrey has had the chance to take full advantage of the huge range of Monash clubs and societies.

“Being involved in several clubs has given me the opportunity to take on leadership roles, and really broadened my horizon beyond the technical skills I’ve learnt in my course.”

No stranger to success, Geoffrey has received a number of scholarships for his academic achievements. Upon commencing his degree he received the Engineering Excellence Award along with entry to the Leadership in a Technological Environment program, as well as the Dean’s Scholarship, both scholarships awarded for academic performance.

“These scholarships allowed me to complete my course without being burdened with a HECS debt, which will be a huge help at the start of my working life."

“The financial aspect of the scholarship was great, but the most valuable part was the Engineering faculty’s leadership program. The LITE program allowed me to meet all the other scholarship recipients, as well as giving me a grounding in many of the non-technical issues involved with being an engineer.”

Most recently, Geoffrey became the recipient of the 2013 Rhodes Scholarship. The Rhodes Scholarship is one of the most prestigious international scholarship programs and is awarded for academic merit, leadership, community involvement and sporting achievement.

“I will use the Rhodes Scholarship to do a doctorate in Engineering Science at Oxford, focussing on the development of self-driving vehicles."

"I want to be working on ideas and technologies that will change the world and will have a real impact on people’s lives. The skills that I will gain through working in one of the world's foremost robotics laboratories will set me in good stead to solve the big problems that will shape the future."

Engineering appealed to me because it allows me to take those fields and apply them to solving real world problems.