On completing all third year units, students should enrol in ENG4701 and ENG4702.

Both units run in Semester 1 and Semester 2. Students can commence their Final Year Project (FYP) in either Semester.

Project allocation and registration begins at the end of the exam period of the prior semester and concludes before Week 1 of the semester in which you are enrolled to commence ENG4701. Students should ensure that they select a project by the deadlines posted on the FYP web site.

Industry based projects

Students are strongly encouraged to seek opportunities for Industry Based Final Year Projects. Further information on setting up an Industry Based Project can be found in this document.

Please note the following:

  • Ensure that you have the required approvals from your manager and a nominal project topic before you approach academic supervisors.
  • All Industry based projects are subject to approval by the industry supervisor, academic supervisor, Department Co-ordinator and Chief Examiner.
  • Ask your industry supervisor whether a confidentiality agreement (CDA), non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and/or intellectual property (IP) agreement is required in order for your work to be provided to Monash for assessment purposes. This needs to be arranged as early as possible. Standard forms of agreement are available. Ask the Chief Examiner or Department Co-ordinator if you are unsure.

Project registration guidelines

There are two methods of setting up a Final Year Project. A pre-agreed project is a project that is arranged in advance between a specific student and supervisor. A preference entry project is a project that is open to all students who meet the application criteria.

At Clayton, projects can be conducted in groups or individually. The number of project participants is determined by the supervisor. At Malaysia, all projects must be completed individually.

If you are applying to a group project and wish to be assigned with specific team-mate(s), you must notify the supervisor about this by email and in your application documents. It is highly recommended that you set up a pre-agreed project to guarantee the outcome you want. Otherwise the FYP ranking algorithm may separate you from your team-mate(s).

Before applying for projects, read the “Instructions to Students” document on the FYP website home page. This explains how the preferencing process works.

Applying for a preference entry project

  • Visit the FYP portal -
  • Click the 'Sign in with Monash Login' button to access the project listings.
  • Students can apply to projects from any branch of Engineering. However, you must ensure you meet all prerequisites.
  • In order to increase your chances of being ranked highly for a project, it is strongly recommended that you contact the academic supervisor and discuss the project with them in more detail before the application deadline. You should then prepare a brief written application statement.
  • Before the deadline, enter the project IDs you wish to apply for in the preference entry form on the website. Upload an application statement along with supporting documentation (such as your academic transcript) to each project you apply for.

Applying for a pre-agreed project

  • If the project is industry-based, first seek the approval of your manager and identify a qualified Engineer who can act as your Industry Supervisor. It does not need to be your line manager.
  • Contact academics working in a relevant area and ask if they would be willing to supervise your project. If you are not sure who to contact, ask the Department FYP Co-ordinator.
  • Arrange to meet up with the potential supervisor to discuss your pre-agreed project. Prepare a brief of not more than 1 page that explains the project topic. If the project is industry-based, provide the contact details of your industry supervisor.
  • Consider why you might be a good candidate and mention any special skills, experience or unit performances that might be relevant to the project.
  • Seek written confirmation that the academic is happy to supervise you for a pre-agreed project. Ask the supervisor to create a pre-agreed project ID in the FYP website.
  • Before the application deadline, enter the pre-agreed project ID as your first preference.

Project assignment outcomes

  • About 1 month before the start of the project, you will receive an email notification regarding the outcome of the project allocations. Note that for preference entry projects, not all students can receive their first choice.
  • FYP allocation is a two-round process. If you miss out during Round 1, or miss the application deadline, you’ll be invited to apply via the FYP web site for Round 2 allocations. The process is the same as above.
  • Please note that FYP allocations are subject to approval by the Supervisor, Department Co-ordinator, Head of Department and Chief Examiner. Project assignments may occasionally be modified prior to the start of semester. If any changes occur to your project assignment, you will be notified.
  • If you have a problem with your project allocation, need to switch projects, miss the deadline to apply, or believe an error has occurred, contact the Department FYP co-ordinator or Chief Examiner immediately.

Commencing your project

  • Before Week 1, you will be enrolled into the FYP Moodle Site (ENG4701/ENG4702). At this point, you no longer need to use the FYP website. All subsequent information will be provided via Moodle.
  • If your project involves confidential or sensitive information or is subject to a CDA or NDA, please discuss with your supervisor and the Department Co-ordinator an appropriate means of securely submitting your work for marking and recording your project progress.
  • All students are expected to keep a weekly log of their progress on the Moodle site.
  • ENG4701 includes timetabled research skills and OH&S training activities. Please see the Handbook for further information.
  • Additional details will be provided on the Moodle site.