On completing all third year units, students should enrol in:

Aerospace students MEC4401 and MEC4402
Mechanical students MEC4401 and MEC4402
Mechatronics students TRC4000 and TRC4001


Getting Started - Finding an Industry FYP (PDF, 3KB)

STEP 1: Review the projects available

  • Go to M+AE Student Resources on Moodle
  • Find the Final Year Project Information
  • Within the information there are links to the list of registered projects and the online registration form

STEP 2: Make contact with potential supervisors

  • Email academics offering projects you like or working in areas of interest to you
  • Consider why you might be a good candidate and mention any special skills, experience or unit performances that might be relevant to the project
  • Arrange to meet up with them and see if the project (and academic) is right for you
  • Get verbal confirmation that the academic is happy to supervise you for an existing or new project

STEP 3: Register your project

  • Have your supervisor add your name and information against the project
  • Please provide them with first, last, ID, email and which unit you are enrolled in (MEC/TRC)
  • If the project is not currently listed have them enter all the project details, then yours
  • Congratulations you are now provisionally registered!

STEP 4: Project Approval

  • The Head of Department will review all registered project and approve or reject them in advance of the start of semester