Advanced manufacturing

Research focus

The department’s research into new manufacturing techniques includes work on additive manufacturing, fabrication of functional surfaces, automated machining and robotic fibre placement, finding applications in fields such as biomedical devices, composites and water filtration membranes.

Meet the researchers

Dr Victor Cadarso Busto

We develop novel and scalable technologies for the fabrication of functional surfaces and 3D complex structures for applications in optical MEMS, biomedical devices, environmental monitoring and sensing platforms.


Victor Cadarso Busto
Dr Chao Chen

Dr Chen is interested in solving real-world problems by means of advanced robotic technologies. His research areas include medical robots, industrial robots, parallel robots, haptic devices, and power transmissions.


Chao Chen
Prof Wing Kong Chiu

Structural health monitoring is our research interest. We perform these works on a wide area and collaborating with national and international research organisations including National Trauma Research Institute, DST Group and US Office of Naval Research.

Wing Kong Chiu
Prof Mainak Majumder

We apply fundamentals of materials science, notably Carbon, to create scientific & business opportunities. Our innovations have impacted a wide gamut of engineering problems such as water treatment, energy storage in supercapacitors & batteries, strain sensors, micro-/nano-fluidics and anti-corrosion coatings.


Mainak Majumder
Prof Bijan Shirinzadeh

Robotics/Parallel Mechanisms, Micro/Nano Manipulation Mechanisms; Intelligent Sensing and Control: Laser-based Sensing, Measurement and Control; Robotic Assisted Surgery / Haptics; Cell Surgery/Manipulation; Complex/Autonomous Systems; Automation and Manufacturing Sciences: Automated Fibre Placement, Fixturing and Machining.


Bijan Shirinzadeh
Dr Scott Wordley

My research interests include vehicle aerodynamics, racing, electric and autonomous vehicles, teaching and learning, teamwork and self and peer assessment, augmented and virtual reality.


Scott Wordley
A/Prof Wenyi Yan

My research interests include applied mechanics of solids and structures, composite structures, fracture and fatigue of materials, design optimization for additive manufacturing, wear, rail/wheel contact mechanics.


Wenyi Yan