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The Mechanical and Aerospace Technical Services Group (MAETSG) supports both the teaching and research efforts of the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Department and Offers both Mechanical and Electronics Workshop capabilities to support both staff and students.

The Mechanical Services Group is capable of machining, manufacturing components and systems as well as fabricating items in a wide range materials, metals such as aluminium, stainless/mild steel, copper, brass and most other metals as well non-metals such as plastics and wood.

Our capability includes:

  • Large scale Bending and Guillotining
  • MIG / TIG / Oxyacetylene welding
  • Silver soldering
  • Brazing

The Group has access to a wide range of traditional machines in its workshop as well as more modern Computer Numeric Controlled (CNC) Mills and Lathes Laser Cutter capable of cutting up to 6mm of mild steel as well as an Electric Discharge Machine (EDM).

The Electronics Services Group can provide a specialist systems and instruments design and assembly services tailored for research and teaching programs with extensive experience in;

  • Power supplies and power control systems
  • Temperature and environmental controls
  • Data acquisition and signals analysis
  • Small signal systems (small signal ac and dc)
  • Micro-controller and microprocessor systems

Services can be requested by lodging your jobs on-line and attaching anything from simple sketches to CAD drawings to the job using the MAE Zendesk Job Ticketing system.

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