Solid mechanics

Research focus

Solid mechanics is a core part of mechanical and aerospace engineering, our researchers work on understanding fracture, corrosion and fatigue of materials, in applications as diverse as structural health monitoring, aerospace and medical engineering.

Meet the researchers

Prof Wing Kong Chiu

Structural health monitoring is our research interest. We perform these works on a wide area and collaborating with national and international research organisations including National Trauma Research Institute, DST Group and US Office of Naval Research.

Wing Kong Chiu
A/Prof Tuck Ng

Research interests: biochemical analysis techniques, particle-cell manipulation, instrumentation development.


Tuck Ng
Prof Raman Singh

Novel Nanotechnology and Green Approaches (e.g., Graphene Ultra-thin Coatings and Nanostructured Alloys for Mitigation of Environment-assisted Degradation (Corrosion); Environment-assisted cracking – Mechanism, Monitoring and Mitigation; Integrity of Civil and Aerospace structures and Bioimplants.

Raman Singh
A/Prof Wenyi Yan

My research interests include applied mechanics of solids and structures, composite structures, fracture and fatigue of materials, design optimization for additive manufacturing, wear, rail/wheel contact mechanics.


Wenyi Yan