Geological Engineering

What is geological engineering?

Geological Engineering is an interdisciplinary field, in which principles of geoscience are used to solve engineering and environmental problems. It connects geology to numerous forms of engineering that include mining, oil and gas, civil, tunnelling and renewable (e.g. hydro-power and geothermal energy).

The Bachelor of Geological Engineering (Hons) provides graduates with a versatile set of skills that are applicable to a wide range of contemporary rock and soil excavation problems.

Geological engineers require the application of mathematics, physics, physical science, computer aided modelling, and environmental management to be able to manage the safe and economic design and implementation of excavations in the mining and civil engineering industries.

Why study geological engineering?

Do you like solving problems? Do you have a commitment to technical excellence? Have you got an interest in the natural environment around you? Chances are if you have answered yes to any of these questions, geological engineering may be an enjoyable career path for you.

Monash Geological Engineers are the only geological engineering graduates in Australia. They will have specialised geotechnical expertise that is focused on practical applications for the mining, oil & gas, tunnelling and renewable energy industries. The course is led by industry renowned experts.

Where do geological engineers do?

Geological engineers work in both the mining and civil engineering industries to provide efficient and safe excavation designs.

The skill set of a geological engineer provides opportunities on both a national and global scale to contribute to high profile tunnelling, mining and energy projects. As a geological engineer you will have a diverse range of potential career paths that include:

  • Tunnelling Engineer
  • Mine Geotechnical Engineer
  • Geotechnical Specialist
  • Numerical Modeller
  • Rock Mechanics Engineer
  • Reservoir Engineer
  • Ground Support Engineer
  • Foundation Engineer
  • Construction manager
  • Design engineer
"Innovative resources people for tomorrow's world"

Studying geological engineering at Monash

Studying geological engineering at Monash focuses on practical solutions to industry problems to ensure our students are job ready. To provide this practical knowledge we draw heavily upon on industry education partners to deliver the current state-of-the-art knowledge and technology straight from industry. This ensures our course is dynamic and always relevant.

Geological engineering is a specialisation within the Bachelor of Engineering (Hons). After completing the common first year, geological engineering students will enter another shared second year with resources engineering students (mining, oil and gas and renewable energy). A final decision regarding the exit degree award does not need to be made until the end of second year. Up until this time students can transfer freely between each of the four resources engineering degrees.

Industry links

The Faculty of Engineering is proud to work closely with our industry partners MMG, Newcrest, Orica and the CSIRO to deliver the Bachelor of Geological Engineering (Hons). Students benefit from strong industry links through scholarships, seminars, industry projects and summer work opportunities.

Specialised subjects students complete

  • Natural Resources Engineering
  • Project, Risk and Safety Management
  • Resource Estimation
  • Surface Mining
  • Underground Mining
  • Rock Mechanics
  • Advanced Rock Mechanics
  • Unconventional Resources
  • Numerical Modelling
  • The Deep Earth
  • Ore Deposit Geology
  • Geothermal Energy