Renewable Energy Engineering

What is renewable energy engineering?

Monash is committed to reducing the global reliance on fossil fuels. A qualification in Renewable Energy from Monash University provides students who have a passion for the environment to enter the growing Renewable and Clean Energy Engineering market. Students who graduate from Monash’s Renewable Energy engineering degree will be equipped to develop and manage the most appropriate and environmentally sustainable energy solutions for any business need, project or asset.

Renewable Energy Engineering is an emerging discipline. Monash Renewable Energy Engineers will focus on identifying and developing sustainable systems for electricity generation. This will include a broad knowledge of renewable energy sources and technologies; ability to assess feasibility of alternative energy options and make recommendations based on site specific resource characteristics.

Why study renewable energy engineering?

Monash Renewable Energy Engineers will be at the forefront of renewable energy implementation in Australia with the ability to transfer skills overseas.

The Bachelor of Renewable Energy Engineering (Hons) was established with significant industry support. It is the only Group of Eight renewable energy engineering degree in Victoria and Tasmania

What do renewable energy engineers do?

Renewable Energy engineers will be employed to :

  • assist with the development and implementation of clean energy policy.
  • identify sustainable systems for power generation
  • understand traditional (hydrocarbon and coal) and alternate renewable power sources and their generation, in order to assess available energy options and optimise the outcome
  • provide recommendation and solutions regarding the intersection of traditional power industries and conventional energy sources with renewable energy sources (infrastructure focus)
  • manage the process of developing, maintaining and optimising alternative energy assets, and maximising energy usage efficiency
"Innovative resources people for tomorrow's world"

Studying renewable energy engineering at Monash

Monash renewable energy engineering graduates are uniquely placed in a rapidly expanding job market and have a unique applied engineering skill set. They are also unique in their understanding of existing energy solutions through the study of conventional resources development.

Renewable energy engineering is a specialisation within the Bachelor of Engineering (Hons). After completing the common first year, renewable energy engineering students will enter another shared second year with resources engineering students (mining, geological and oil and gas). A final decision regarding the exit degree award does not need to be made until the end of second year. Up until this time students can transfer freely between each of the four resources engineering degrees.

Industry links

The Faculty of Engineering is proud to work closely with our industry partners MMG, Newcrest, Orica and the CSIRO to deliver the Bachelor of Renewable Energy Engineering (Hons). Students benefit from strong industry links through scholarships, seminars, industry projects and summer work opportunities.

Specialised subjects students complete

  • Natural Resources Engineering
  • Project, Risk and Safety Management
  • Fixed Plant Engineering
  • The Deep Earth
  • Geomechanics
  • Energy and the environment
  • Applied Geophysics
  • Solar Energy
  • Rock Mechanics
  • Hydropower
  • Geothermal Energy
  • Power Systems
  • Biomass Energy
  • Wind Engineering