Software Engineering

Our world’s major companies, governments and organisations depend on smartly designed and implemented software. And they rely on the expertise of skilled software engineers to make it happen.

What is software engineering?

Software engineers develop, analyse and improve software to ensure it runs effectively, safely and securely.

With a strong foundation in IT, mathematics and science, software engineering relies on skills in the following areas:

  • mathematical foundations of software engineering
  • fundamental software processes and lifecycles
  • software-engineering methodologies and standard notations
  • principles of software architecture and re-use
  • software quality frameworks and validation
  • software development.

Careers in software engineering

Software engineers are needed in almost every industry - from aerospace to medicine.

You’ll be in high demand by government organisations and corporations who undertake major software development. And you’ll be equally well-positioned to work for small and medium enterprises that provide software engineering and integration services to these governments and businesses.

Typical roles include:

  • Applications developer
  • Internet developer
  • Programming specialist
  • Systems programmer
  • Software designer
  • Software engineer
  • Architect
  • Consultant
  • Developer.