Bus Safety Management Program

The Bus Safety Management Program (BSMP) is now available via a flexible on-line delivery mode.

The introduction of the Bus Safety Act (2009) initiated a new accreditation process for the operation of bus and coach services in Victoria, commencing 2010. Subsequently, The Transport Legislation Miscellaneous Amendment Act 2021 (TLMA Act) was passed by the Victorian Parliament on 4 July 2021. This Act makes amendments to the Bus Safety Act 2009 to reform the current bus operator accreditation and registration scheme. These amendments came into effect on 1 March 2022.

Transport Safety Victoria (TSV) is the governing body for bus accreditation in Victoria. TSV require that potential accreditation applicants demonstrate competence and capacity to provide a bus service safely. The Bus Safety Management Program provides knowledge that may assist you in demonstrating competence and capacity in your application for accreditation.

Details of the requirements for this accreditation can be obtained from the Transport Safety Victoria website: Bus safety | Transport Safety Victoria

The Monash Institute of Transport Studies, in conjunction with Transport Safety Victoria (TSV) and Bus Association Victoria (BusVic), has developed an education program to assist persons to meet the requirements of the Bus Safety Act (2009), TLMA 2021, BSR 2010 (Vic) and as amended by the BSAR 2022.

The Bus Safety Management Program (BSMP) consists of two core subjects:

  • Subject 6101: Introduction to Bus Safety
  • Subject 6102: Safety Risk Management for Bus Operators

These subjects must be undertaken consecutively. Please refer to the Enrolment and Payment Procedure listed below.

Study Mode

Study is by off-campus (distance education) mode undertaken at home or in the workplace at students’ convenience. Attendance at Monash University is not required. Access to custom-designed online learning materials in the form of notes, videos, exercises and activities as well as online examination papers specific to each subject are provided to students following completion of enrolment.


Assessment for each subject is in the form of three ‘do at home’ assignments, which are practical in their focus, relating to the application of what you learn in a ‘real’ bus business. Submission of each assignment is required on a staged basis as you progress through the subject.

Course Handbook

Course Handbook

The BSMP Handbook (PDF, 0.14 MB) is available to download.

Enrolment and Payment Procedure

To meet the needs of program participants, the Bus Safety Management Program is available on a flexible ‘start when you are enrolled’ basis. There will be no semester dates. (Note that there will be no commencements during the university’s end of year break.)

Enrolments for 2022 are now open.

As an indication, it is anticipated that part-time study should see completion of each unit in twelve weeks. Up to fourteen weeks will be allowed, and a further extension may be requested. Students may complete each unit in less than twelve weeks, subject to successful completion of the three required assignments.



Please make your credit card payment(s) for Bus Safety Management Program via the following websites:


Please visit the above website to make your credit card payment for the subject you wish to enrol in. Please pay for one subject at a time.

*Note if you cannot complete the payment via the Shop.Monash University payment system with a debit/credit card or PayPal, payment can be made via an Official Bank Cheque or a Postal Note from Australia Post (payable to Monash University). NOTE: Personal or business cheques or cash cannot be accepted. If you choose this payment option, please send the official Bank Cheque or Postal Note from Australia Post together with the completed Enrolment Form to the contact address provided below.

Bill Kilpatrick
Monash Institute of Transport Studies
Department of Civil Engineering
23 College Walk, Monash University, Victoria 3800


On receipt of your initial subject payment, you will be contacted by an academic staff member to arrange a face-to-face ‘zoom’ (online) Orientation Discussion for a mutually convenient time. The Orientation Discussion should take no more than 30 minutes. The objectives of the Orientation Discussion are to:

  • Discuss the Requirements re Integrity, Ethics and Ensuring Compliance of the Bus Safety Management Program, which program participants are required to read, understand and accept in order to be enrolled
  • Facilitate provision by the program participant of photographic evidence of identification (Driver’s Licence or Passport)
  • Discuss the program participant’s educational and industry background (if any), as a background to provision of guidance and support by academic staff during the completion of the program.

The Requirements re Integrity, Ethics and Ensuring Compliance can be viewed here via page 12 of the BSMP Handbook.

A confirmation and acceptance of enrolment email will be sent to the program participant within five working days of the Orientation Discussion and receipt of confirmation of acceptance of the Requirements re Integrity, Ethics and Ensuring Compliance. The confirmation and acceptance of enrolment email can be used as proof of enrolment for Bus Safety Victoria purposes if required.