ATRF Conference opens in Darwin with strong Monash University presence

The 40th Australasian Transport Research Forum opened in Darwin on Tuesday 30 October, 2018. The ATRF is the principal transport research conference in Australia and New Zealand. It brings together transport researchers, policymakers, advisors and practitioners from a range of disciplines to share and build upon the latest research and thinking. Nearly one in five (17 per cent) of the papers at the conference are authored by staff and students from Monash University. Those papers cover a range of topics in public transport, active transport, travel behaviour, transport and land use as well as traffic engineering and management. The titles of the papers are listed below and you can download the papers by clicking on the links for individual papers.

Public Transport

ATRF Paper 9: Sarah Roberts, Robbie Napper and Selby Coxon. “A new way to design buses: A methodological framework for the front end of design”.
ATRF Paper 33: Amy Killen, Lisa Fu, Selby Coxon and Robbie Napper. “Exploring the use of Additive Manufacturing in Providing an Alternative Approach to the Design, Manufacture and Maintenance of Interior Rail Components “
ATRF Paper 5: Chris De Gruyter and Graham Currie. “Valuing public transport customer amenities: A survey of practice across Australasian and international transit agencies”
ATRF Paper 69: Lisa Fu, Selby Coxon and Robbie Napper. “Building resilient and user-centred rail carriage designs for the future: A literature review”

Planning and Policy

ATRF Paper 8: Graham Currie, Alexa Delbosc and Katerina Pavkova. “Houston we have a Problem – Alarming Trends in the Growth of Forced Car Ownership in Melbourne”

Transport, Land Use and Urban Design

ATRF Paper 36: Renan Grace and Meead Saberi. “The value of accessibility in residential property”

Active Transport

ATRF Paper 43: Joshua Hiscock and Marilyn Johnson. “Reversing priority: an investigation of cyclist and driver behaviours at cyclist priority intersections”
ATRF Paper 65: Hesara Weliwitiya, Geoffrey Rose and Marilyn Johnson. “Bicycle access to railway station: the effects of demography, station characteristics and the built environment”
ATRF Paper 13: Robbie Napper and Sarah Roberts. “Development of a bicycle geometry database to facilitate cycle parking convenience”

Travel Behaviour and Travel Demand Management

ATRF Paper 85: Taru Jain, Geoffrey Rose and Marilyn Johnson. “Unpacking impacts of car sharing: Insights from a qualitative research study in Melbourne, Australia”
ATRF Paper 14: Alexa Delbosc and Farhana Naznin. “Prospective Life Course and Mobility of Young Victorians”

Traffic Engineering and Management

ATRF Paper 1: Sairah Hussain, Alexa Delbosc and Amrik Sohal. “Facilitating Network Operations Planning: A Case Study of the VicRoads SmartRoads Framework”

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