History of Ogden Lecture

The Institute of Transport Studies (Monash) Ogden Transport Lecture is a free public lecture initiated in 2001 to recognise the key role which Ken Ogden played in the formation and development of the transport program at Monash University. The lecture reflects the commitment of ITS (Monash) to ‘progress  transport knowledge and practice’ through its activities which span education, research, community and professional service.

Name Topic Year
- Sir Rod Eddington AO FTSE, JP Morgan
- Jim Betts, Secretary, Department of Planning and Industry, NSW
- Romilly Madew AO, Chief Executive Officer, Infrastructure Australia
50 Years On: Transport Challenges and Opportunities, Looking Back and Looking Forward2019
Professor Bart van Arem,
Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
Driverless vehicles and the future of urban transport: Beyond the hype2018
Professor Eric Miller,
Director, University of Toronto Transportation of Research Institute, Canada
Public Transport in Toronto: What can we learn from the last 20 years?2017
Professor Pat Mokhtarian,
Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, USA
Challenging Conventional Transport Planning Practice ; Reflections on the "Real" Utility of Travel 2016
Professor Peter Sweatman, PhD, Director,
University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI) Director, Michigan Mobility Transformation Center (MTC), USA
The Road to 21st Century Mobility 2015
Professor Robert Bertini,
Portland State University, USA
Discoveries in D.C. and Delft: Reflections on the Future of Transportation Research and Education 2014
Professor Frieder Seible, Ph.D., PE, Prof. hc mult
Vice President (Academic) and Dean of the Faculties of Engineering and Information Technology, Monash University
Protecting our Transportation Infrastructure Against Natural and Man-made Hazards 2013
Mr Jim Betts, 
Secretary, Victorian Department of Transport
What Can Transport Bring to Melbourne's Metropolitan Transport Strategy? 2012

Professor Ellen Dunham-Jones,
Professor of Architecture,
Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

Retrofitting Suburbia: Pragmatic ideas for a resilient built environment 2011
Professor Jennifer Dill,
Director, Oregon Transportation Research and Education, Consortium (OTREC), Portland State University, USA
Towards Sustainable Urban Mobility: Insights from Portland’s Journey 2010
Professor Dan Sperling,
University of California, Davis, USA
Towards Two Billion Cars – Transforming Cars, Fuel and Mobility 2009
Sir Rod Eddington,
Chair, Infrastructure Australia
Keeping Melbourne on the move
Learning from International Experience
Professor Chris Nash,
Institute of Transport Studies University of Leeds, UK
Privatisation of Public Passenger Transport – Insight from British Experience 2007
Professor Nigel H.M. Wilson,
Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, USA
Realistic Public Transport - Futures in an Uncertain World 2006
Mr Paul Amos,
Transport Adviser, Transport and Urban Development Department, The World Bank
The Transport Challenge in Developing Countries 2005
Professor Graeme Hodge,
Director of Law and Foundation Director of the Centre for the Study of Privatisation and Public Accountability, Monash University
Transport in the Privatised State 2004
Professor Graham Currie,
Chair in Public Transport, Institute of Transport Studies, Monash University
Road Space Management – Issues and Challenges 2003
Professor William J. Mitchell,
Dean, School of Architecture and Planning,
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, USA
e-topias: Cities in the Digital Electronic Era 2002
Professor Peter Stopher, Professor of Transport Planning,
The University of Sydney
Transport in the 21st Century 2001