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Two Short Courses in Public Transport Planning

Melbourne, Australia
Monday 30 July - Friday 3 August 2018


Transport is a major challenge for Australasian cities. Traffic congestion costs are forecast to more than double by 2020. Traffic is degrading the quality of our inner cities. As many citizens die each year from pollution related to urban transport as they do from traffic accidents. As the costs of petrol rise, the disadvantaged in society are further marginalised. Our increasing dependence on cars is already recognised as unsustainable, risking our economic future through oil dependence. Providing high quality public transport has long been seen as a pro-active means of addressing these issues. However, Public Transport service planners and operators face a range of practical financial, operational and social challenges in developing services. Financial pressures in particular demonstrate a need for increased productivity in achieving improved outcomes.


The Public Transport Research Group (PTRG) at Monash University is offering two short courses in public transport planning in Melbourne in 2018. The first shorter course (2 days) is a combination of selected units from our planning public transport services courses 1 and 2 (PPTS1-2). This course is being provided in association with the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology. These courses have been run before in Australia, New Zealand and Internationally. Students can either decide to undertake a refresher of a course they have already undertaken or to do a new course.

The second course (3 days) is called Planning Public Transport Services (Europe Addition ; PPTS-EA). This is run with an additional association with Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) and covers a range of new and different topics with a European perspective on planning and management. These topics are new and have never been offered before in Australasia.

Participants can elect to enrol in either or both courses.

The courses cover public transport planning topics identified as priorities for learning by participants in previous courses run by Monash University. They are designed to be relevant to all conventional public transport modes including bus, tram and rail.

  • Planning Public Transport Services 1-2 (PPTS1-2)

    A practical guide to operations planning, market forecasting and economic appraisal methods for the development of bus and tram services.  Key issues addressed at this short course:

    • Strategic perspectives
    • Frequency determination
    • Vehicle scheduling
    • Priority for on-road public transport
    • Demand forecasting
    • Network & route design
    • Timetable development

  • Planning Public Transport Services – European Edition (PPTS-EA)

    A practical guide to strategic and operations planning, network design, data collection, performance measurement and priority design for bus, tram and rail services.  Key issues addressed at this short course:

    • Service quality/performance measures
    • System resilience in public transport
    • Issues in service reliability
    • Big data
    • Crew/vehicle scheduling
    • Future mobility and network connectivity
    • Flexible urban public transport modes
    • Real-time operations and control
    • Light rail and bus rapid transit
    • Public transport and bike planning
    • Public transport governance
    • Future futures and transit synthesis

Short Course Leaders

  • Professor Graham Currie

    Professor Graham Currie FTSE, is Australia’s first Chair in Public Transport and Director of PTRG which is recognised as one of the top 3 research schools in public transport in the world. Professor Currie is an internationally recognised service planner and researcher and is Chair of the US Transport Research Boards committee on Light Rail Transit. He has published more research papers in leading research journals on public transport than any other author in the world. He is developer of the research clearinghouse.

  • Professor Avi Ceder

    Professor Avi Ceder, a leading international researcher and lecturer in the field of public transport operations; is Chair in Transportation, Founder and former Director of the Transportation Research Centre (TRC) at the University of Auckland. Professor Ceder is a major author and lecturer on public transport operations planning and has delivered public transport short courses worldwide. He has authored a leading international book: ‘Public Transit Planning and Operation’ in 2007 by Elsevier, with its 2nd edition on ‘Modeling, Practice and Behavior’ by CRC Press in 2016 that was translated to Chinese (2010, 2017) and to Korean (2018).

  • Dr Oded Cats

    Oded Cats is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Transport and Planning. His work develops models and methods for multi-modal metropolitan passenger transport systems by combining advancements in behavioural sciences, operations research and complex network theory. His research focuses on system dynamics and uncertainty in route choice and assignment, service optimization, control, network design and robustness, travel information and reliability. He has developed an agent-based dynamic public transport operations and assignment models that has been used in a large range of research projects and real-world applications. Oded is a member of several committees of the US Transportation Research Board. His research activities support public transport agencies and operators’ decision making and led to field implementations.

  • Dr Niels Van Oort

    Dr Niels Van Oort, also of TU Delft is also a public transport consultant in Europe. His main fields of expertise are public transport planning, understanding the passenger perspective, service reliability and Big Data. His PhD focussed on service reliability and has much experience in network and timetable optimization.

Registration Fees

The full fee for a single registration for the PPTS1-2 course (2 days) is AU$1,470 for the PPTS-EA course (3 days) it is $2,205.  To undertake both PPTS1-2 and PPTS-EA courses (5 days) is AU$3,675.  Registration includes: attendance, short course notes, lunches, morning and afternoon teas and attendance at the short course dinner.  Accommodation costs are not included in the registration fee.  All fees are charged in Australian dollars.  All fees quoted are exclusive of GST.

On receipt of your registration payment, your registration will be acknowledged via email.

NOTE:  Staff of Transport for Victoria and Public Transport Victoria receive a special rate due to joint sponsoring of the PTRG at Monash University.  TfV/PTV staff should contact Brenda O’Keefe (see below) to obtain this rate.


Discounts are offered for Early Bird registrations;  AU$200 off PPTS1-2 and AU$300 off PPTS-EA;  AU$500 off both courses.

Payment Details

Payment can be made by:

  • credit card (Mastercard or Visa) or PayPal via Shop.Monash (see below)
  • cheque or tax invoice - please contact: Brenda O'Keefe directly


If you have to cancel your registration, your fee will be refunded in full provided that we receive your cancellation request in writing no later than 20 working days prior to the short course.  Cancellations after that date and up to 15 working days before the start of the short course result in 75% of your fee being refunded.  After that date, no refunds are available.  A replacement can be nominated if you cannot attend.

Early Bird Registration Closes

Monday 16 July 2018 @ 8.00 pm Australian Eastern Standard Time

To register your attendance at the short course(s) and pay, please visit the following:

Planning Public Transport Services 1-2 (PPTS1-2) - 2 day short course

Monday 30 July to Tuesday 31 July 2018

Register now

Planning Public Transport Services - European Edition (PPTS-EA) - 3 day short course

Wednesday 1 August to Friday 3 August 2018

Register now

Further Information

Who Should Attend?

The short courses are designed for practicing public transport professionals or those involved in the transport and planning industry who have an interest in public transport planning.  If you are new to the field and wish to have some formal exposure to the fundamentals, or if you have been practising for some time and wish to undertake a refresher and be exposed to recent state of the art developments, then this short course should form part of your professional development program.

The focus of the courses is route, network and strategic planning which is relevant to bus, tram and rail service planners.  It is expected that those involved in operating, planning and marketing services will find value in the course as well as those from State, Regional and Local Government planning agencies.  Consultants involved in traffic and public transport planning will also find the course useful and relevant.  Members of the general public with an interest in public transport are invited to attend.

Participation in the short course supports the continuing professional development requirements of the Institute of Engineers, Australia.  All full-time participants will be issued with an attendance certificate.

Short Course Organisation

These courses are being organised by the Institute of Transport Studies at Monash University, the Australian Research Council Key Centre in Transport Management.  The mission of Monash ITS is to progress transport knowledge and practice and it seeks to do that through a variety of initiatives focussed on education programs, research and community and professional services.

Short Course Venue Details


26 Southgate Avenue
Southbank Victoria Australia
T: +61 3 9693 6000

Note: The venue provider has announced a 10% discount off the accommodation day rate for any short course delegate who books their accommodation with them. Remember to mention you are a short course delegate when making your accommodation booking.

Rebate Towards Postgraduate Degree

Attendees at this short course are eligible for a rebate on the enrolment for one unit towards the Postgraduate Program in Transport and Traffic.  As of July 2006, the unit ‘Fundamentals of Urban Public Transport’ is being offered as part of this program.

CIV5316 - Handbook

Contact Details

Brenda O'Keefe
Monash Institute of Transport Studies
Department of Civil Engineering, 23 College Walk
Clayton Campus
Monash University, Victoria 3800 Australia

T: +61 (3) 9905 9627