Dr. Julian Seidel

Dr. Julian Seidel

Adjunct Research Associate, Department of Civil Engineering
Department of Civil Engineering
Clayton Campus.

Dr Seidel has over 25 years professional experience as a geotechnical engineer specializing in all aspects of deep foundations. He has been employed as a senior engineer with general and specialist geotechnical and foundation engineering consultants, a government road authority, a specialist deep foundation contractor and as senior lecturer and researcher at Monash University. He now heads his own specialist foundation engineering consultancy.


  • Bachelor of Engineering,(BE), Civil Engineering, Honours 1, Monash University
  • Doctor of Philosophy,(Ph.D), Civil Engineering, Monash University


Deep foundations
Dynamic pile testing
pile acceptance
Rock sockets

Dr Seidel has published approximately 80 technical papers in international journals and both national and international conference proceedings. The publications relate predominantly to deep foundation design, analysis and testing.

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