Dr. Katariya Mayur

Mr. Mayur Katariya

Doctor of Philosophy
Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Laboratory for Optics & Applied Mechanics (LOAM), Building 37, Room G.55

Founder of Aeroshots Drone Services (www.aeroshots.com.au)

Aeroshots Drone Services provides provides professional drone photography, videography and aerial data solutions
for industries like Real Estate, Construction, Mapping & Surveying, Insurance and several other industries.
We also offer complete marketing solutions to real estate agencies including photography, videography,
floor plans, drone photography and drone videography

Co-founder of Aerial Analytix (www.aerial-analytix.com.au)

Aerial Analytix is working on developing novel drone/UAV/RPA based bio-chemical solutions.                                                                                                The development of UAV systems in the field of biochemistry and medical transport is an
emerging field of research. The availability of such systems offer to advance optimal medical
care through improved timeliness in diagnosis in particular for procedures that require bio-
chemical processing. Through the use of manoeuvres and modification of elements,
bio-chemical processes such as mixing and centrifugation were achievable on UAV systems.



  • Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering, RMIT University, 2015
  • PhD (UAS/Drones - Aerospace Engineering), Monash University, 2019
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Last modified: June 10, 2019