Dr. Lin Lin

Dr. Lin Lin

Research Officer
Department of Chemical Engineering
Room 204, 69, Clayton Campus


Lin, R., M. W. Woo, C. Selomulya, J. Lu & X. D. Chen (2013) Controlling the Size of Taurine Crystals in the Cooling Crystallization Process. Industrial & engineering chemistry research, 52, 13449-13458.

Lin, R., M. W. Woo, N. Fu, C. Selomulya & X. D. Chen (2013) In Situ Observation of Taurine Crystallization via Single Droplet Drying. Drying Technology, 31, 1553-1561.

Lin R., Liu W., Woo M. W., Selomulya C. & Chen D. (2013). Formation of crystalline amino acid particles via spray drying. CHEMECA 2013.

Teaching Commitments

  • CHE2163 - Heat and mass transfer
  • CHE4161 - Engineer in society
  • ENG1002 - Engineering design: Cleaner, safer, smarter
Last modified: January 23, 2018