Dr. Marilyn Johnson

Dr. Marilyn Johnson

Senior Research Fellow, ARC DECRA
Department of Civil Engineering
Room 123, 22 Alliance Lane (B69), Clayton Campus

Marilyn Johnson is a Senior Research Fellow with the Institute of Transport Studies, in the Department of Civil Engineering. Marilyn is also the Research and Policy Manager at the Amy Gillett Foundation. Marilyn’s research expertise is in cycling including cyclist safety, cyclist-driver interactions and electric bike use in Australia.


  • Doctor of Philosophy,( Ph.D), Cyclist Safety, Monash University

Research Projects

Current projects

Understanding and preventing road deaths using coronial investigations.

Fatal road crashes are sudden, unexpected and violent. Each fatality has a lasting impact resulting in immeasurable emotional costs and a financial burden in excess of $3.8 billion per year. This study is a systematic analysis of coronial death investigations of fatal road crashes in Australia using public health and road safety theoretical frameworks. Intended outcomes will contribute to our understanding of fatal road crashes including new insights into pre-crash social factors (e.g. alcohol/drug use and dependence, unemployment, age), the utility and impact of coronial recommendations on road safety policy and practice, and preventing deaths on Australian roads.

Cycle Aware: Driving with Bikes.

This innovative approach to cyclist safety focusses on the education and training required by drivers to interact safely with cyclists. In a world first it uses two ontologically diverse methodologies to examine how Australian drivers become cyclist aware and the education and training necessary to foster safe driver-cyclist interactions. It directly assesses the issues of cyclist raod trauma and the growing on-road tensions between cyclists and drivers. This national approach to cycle aware driver education enhances opportunities for active travel and addresses the growing issue of inactivitiy. It provides a critical knowledge base for State and Territory driver education policies and a Cycle Awareness module which will target learner drivers.

Past projects

Naturalistic cycling study: identifying risk factors for cyclists in the ACT.

Safer cycling and the urban road environment.

The proposed study is the first comprehensive study in Australia that combines academic, government and community efforts to enhance cycling activity while addressing safety concerns. The study takes an innovative, multi-disciplinary approach to understanding the issues contributing to cyclist injury with a particular focus on the urban road environment. The proposed study will develop new road designs which will improve the urban cycling experience. Australia’s first cycling simulator (BikeSim) will be built as part of this study and will be used to safely evaluate the new road prototypes which will be designed to improve cyclist safety and maintain the efficiency and mobility of vehicles.

Learning to drive with bikes: identifying ways to increase safe driving practices.

Safety implications of eBikes.

Safety risk assessment of cycling in dedicated bus lanes.

Towards safer ACT roads, lessons from tragedy: an in-depth medico-legal examination of fatal transport crashes in the ACT.


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