Work integrated learning

Take your skills and knowledge further

Master of Advanced Engineering students have the opportunity to complete an internship with one of our many partner organisations through our Work Integrated Learning program (WIL) – a placement in a professional or research setting, that counts towards your degree.

Work Integrated Learning

For successful students, a WIL placement provides a valuable opportunity to:

  • apply your knowledge to find solutions to a complex, real-world problem
  • exercise your critical thinking and professional judgement and develop new understandings
  • show technical skill in designing, conducting and reporting on a research project
  • plan and execute a professional project with a degree of independence and accountability
  • communicate in a clear and coherent way that is effective for the purpose and the intended audience.

Throughout the unit you’ll be supported with supervision in the field by your host organisation, and continuing academic supervision from your course supervisor.

Sriram Srinivasan

My Work Integrated Learning internship with Navi has been the highlight of my Master’s degree so far. I’m really proud that I’m working on a product that will make a difference to sick babies, their families and the healthcare teams providing their care.”

Sriram Srinivasan
Work Integrated Learning internship with Navi Medical Technologies