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  • Please provide all of your application details on-line and upload the *supporting documentation electronically.

NOTE: The processing of your application will be delayed if you do not upload the digital certified copies of *supporting documentation on-line.

*Supporting documentation requirements:

Where studies have been taken other than at Monash University, complete official statements of academic record (**certified photocopies), including failures, if any, MUST accompany this application. Partially completed work, prior degrees or diplomas must also be included.

Official transcripts are issued by University or College Student Records Departments. They are signed by senior officers of the institutions and are provided to students/graduates on request. Official results of individual subjects or copies of degree certificates are not substitutes for transcripts.

If your previous degree was undertaken at the institution where English was not the language of instruction, you must attach evidence of English language ability in line with Monash University and Faculty requirements. Please visit the Monash University website: Monash University English Language Requirements (see the third section) as the source of information for applying students.

**NOTE: Certified copies of all supporting documentation, ie. academic transcripts, visa, English Language Evidence, etc must be signed by a Justice of the Peace (or equivalent).