Criteria for Transfer of Credit or Complementary Study

Students may be eligible for up to 12 credit points of transfer of credit. This is particularly relevant where a student has completed an equivalent unit at Monash or at another institution. The Monash Policy on Transfer of Credit website provides all relevant information.

Please apply via the on-line credit application system.  Faculty will advise the applicant about the outcome.

To apply for transfer of credit you need to provide the following information about the unit(s) you have completed when you apply on-line:

  • the unit syllabus
  • the course within which that unit fits (to determine the number of credit points to be allowed for the Monash degree)
  • assessment mix, including the number, size and weighting of assignments, and the nature, duration and weighting of the examination
    examination is worth at least 50% of the assessment
  • transcript of results