Critical infrastructure systems

Biomedical, Bioprocess and Biomaterials Engineering

Infrastructure systems underpin the smooth operation of business and society at large.

Faculty researchers are developing communication network theory and wireless sensors and systems that will form a basis for the next generation of telecommunications and network technology.

An exciting application of some of these techniques is in the area of augmented reality, a field that seeks to develop means to enhance our normal view of the world with additional layers of information.

Other research emphasis in critical infrastructure include transport engineering, rail engineering and mining equipment maintenance through key Monash research institutes.

Research into the detection, modelling and mitigation of corrosion in a range of materials is a key area of study, from the nano- through to the engineering size-scale.

Deterioration in built structures are one of our major strengths with a flagship project being the Critical Pipes project that is helping governments across Australia and overseas determine when and how to best replace aging pipes in water delivery networks.

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