Sustainable design, manufacturing and resourcing

Biomedical, Bioprocess and Biomaterials Engineering

Sustainable design, manufacturing and resourcing are at the heart of engineering new processes and technologies for the future of mankind.

The Faculty makes a major contribution to developments in this area through research programs focused on green processing of chemicals and biomass for sustainable processing, the use of biopolymers and natural fillers and the design and use of light weight metals and alloys.

Additive manufacturing (3D printing of metals) is being researched, particularly in titanium components for the aerospace industry, requiring lower energy and material inputs than old, traditional subtractive manufacturing methods.

We also have world-leading research programs in renewable energy including wind generation, hydrogen storage, fuel cells, battery technology, water-splitting and solar cells, with a major focus on functional materials for energy generation and storage.

New membranes are being designed to desalinate and purify water, and other materials being researched are used for carbon capture.

The monitoring and use of water in rural and urban environments is a major research strength of the Faculty, and includes flagship projects in the CRC for Water Sensitive Cities, a collaboration led by Monash that includes three university partners, state government departments and water utilities.

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