Chemical engineering science and design

Chemical Engineering Science and Design

At Monash:

One of our current projects in chemical engineering is looking at the creation of a particle that can deliver a DNA prime-and-protein-boost vaccine via nasal inhalation. This technology could be of huge benefit to quickly and effectively immunise large numbers of people.

Another exciting area of research is also looking at how adsorbent granules can be used to capture CO2 emitted from combustion processes. Based on a remarkably simple principle, the granules could play a major part in carbon emission reductions in the future.

Other exciting areas include:

  • Process integration, optimization and design
  • Fluid-particle engineering, fluidization engineering, particle transport
  • Adsorption process technology and separation science
  • Simulation and optimization of industrial pressure swing adsorption systems and development of mathematical models to simulate cyclic PSA systems
  • Catalysis and reaction engineering, food engineering and technology
  • Pulp and paper technology including fibre engineering, pulping, bleaching, recycling, papermaking, cellulose-water interactions, inking, printing, surface and interface modification
  • Capacity planning, life cycle assessment (LCA) and environmental and economic analysis of process plants
  • Particle technology, particle motion near the walls of fluidized beds, pulsed fluidization, and mechanisms of defluidization
  • Fluidized bed nano-particle reactors
  • Fast pyrolysis of biomass, bio-oil physico-chemical characterization, fuel properties of biomass thermal degradation products.