Civil and structural engineering

Civil engineering

At Monash:

Stemming from 1970 when our engineers were called upon to investigate the collapse of the Westgate Bridge in Melbourne, Monash has developed particular strength in the field of civil and structural engineering. Monash continues to work with some of the world’s biggest engineering organisations in this field to deliver reliable and actionable results.

Our civil and structural engineers are also at the cutting edge in developing innovative materials and techniques for the design, analysis and building of fire-proof structures. For example, our researchers are looking at how materials such as carbon fibre reinforced plastic plated steel, and high strength and geo-polymer concrete can be designed to withstand extreme heat load.

Other exciting areas include:

  • Advanced Thin-Walled Structures and Crashworthiness
  • Very high strength steel and carbon fibre-reinforced plastic, new applications such as composite tubular bridges and steel barrier systems, and extended loading regime such as fire, impulse, blast and underwater explosion
  • Monitoring of timber structures
  • Behaviour of CFRP concrete structures
  • Fatigue behaviour of dragline structures
  • Structural behaviour of structural components and structures under fire conditions
  • Structural mechanics and advanced sensors
  • Heat transfer process between fire and construction materials, analytical methods
  • Tubular members, plate buckling at elevated temperatures
  • Design criteria of cathodic protection of reinforced concrete structures located in corrosive marine conditions
  • Civil and structural engineering research covers a wide spectrum of engineering investigations including theoretical analysis, numerical simulations, laboratory and field experiments